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Google Maps and Waze are two Google applications that compete to offer maps and navigation, both in mobile and in Android auto. If you don't know which maps app works best on android autoHere, you'll get the keys. Google Maps was introduced to Android Auto from the beginning, but Waze joined [] and [Salmon] in the process.

Google Maps and Waze are two Google applications that offer maps and navigation, both on mobile and Android. If you don’t know which map app works better on android autoHere we will give you all the keys.

Google Maps was created from the beginning of Android Auto, but later on, in 2017, Waze joined the group in 2015. Since then, you can use either Google Maps app if you like. However, they don’t do the same thing with each other or do they do it.

How good the weather is – and in Maps more, we’ll see some cool bushes.

We can only take the Google Maps off with Coolwalk. Isn’t this the sound of a vapor?

A redesign of the Android Auto makes it easier to open two apps with the main focus. This includes the first three columns being used for a map, and one with the media player, but with the same kind of functionality.

The problem is that sometimes you’ll want to open Maps app full-screen, to stop distractions. Now you only have the ability to make Google Maps easier on Android in the right place. If you use Coolwalk and need full screen maps, Google Maps is the best choice.

Where does one find something interesting, are better in maps?

You can search for the POI in Google Maps. Take a hand or try to print or select the gas stations from Waze, or choose the type of power station you need from the station, or choose to do what you want from the station.

In Waze and in Google Maps, you can see the destination by typing the name or by searching from the saved sites to find where you can manage it, but, to search for the sites of interest, the categories from which you can use Google Maps will be your ally.

Android Auto uses free waze search. It’s really simple. You can write text and nothing else. With its help you can find a restaurant nearby, then you should use Google Maps for all these restaurants. The only thing that appears in Waze is gas stations. It’s something.

Share route, in Maps only.

One thing you can do in Android Auto, and not in Waze, if it is not really useful in a specific situation. This shortcut is sharing your location in real time with your contacts, using the Google Maps technology.

Waze does not have this option in Android Autoso to do that. As it is a simple question, we will be forced to use the same apps to share the location in real time as it is. And you will not be able to do this on Android Auto, but on mobile.

Waze is a little better on the road.

There is no doubt that Waze is quite different from Google Maps. Waze shows us what it takes to choose a route. This helps him in identifying the distance, traffic status and time of each one of them. Among the other things, these people can be seen in a map highlighted and well differentiated with the different colours.

The look of a route on Google maps is pretty bland. We will see distance and time – but no names for each route (through which they pass) and in order to take control of the traffic conditions, we must narrow down the view and get in the preview of the map.

In Waze you can see the street names we will take much more easily.

On a route in question the design of the Waze life instead of the standard GPS that is more practical with simple old tricks, which almost never even Google adequates. How many times did you always zoom in maps to see the elusive street name on the map? This area is more visible in Waze, and the streets of the streets are clearly represented on the street.

Of course, there’s nothing written about, and there will be those who think that Waze has too much work to do, so some will think there’s too few in Google Maps. In Wazes dump, a lot of data is shown in an overlay of the map that helps, especially among the community reports.

On the worse side, after being cleared of debris in Waze.

In relation to the report of traffic accidents, Waze remains the head of the automotive industry. I’m not the default pawn, but without a crash report, Google Maps doesn’t have one of them.

Also, if you report driving accidents, there is the need for Waze, and it will be easier for you to report other vehicles while driving with this application. Similar reports are also shown on map, but still in a darker color.

Satellite view, only in Maps.

Do you prefer a view in the satellite? You can download the maps app for Android Auto, as it’s Google Maps, no, Waze has any satellite views, so it sounds very unlikely to be possible that he will add it at some point.

Which one is better?

With all the above mentioned, we can find out if Maps or Waze is better than Google Maps. Google Maps improves the system to a more purely technical point of view, by adding more options to the search system, from searching by category to satellite view or link sharing.

Although most people say that waze is driving, it has advantages. If you are not aware of others’ findings, you can even add reports or directions, and with this in mind, we can use a lot more sophisticated methods of understanding. If you don’t want extra features and don’t worry about it if your not enough to upgrade your capabilities, Waze would be an alternative for you to go from point A to point B.

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  • Go for a better way for a map.
  • Points of interest, better obliterate in maps.
  • Share route, only in Maps.
  • Waze is a little more convenient along the road.
  • Crash report, better in Waze.
  • Satellite view, only in Maps.
  • Which one is better?