What was the episode 1 of Trolley: Story: Suspicion, Death, and Secrets?

Trolley episode 1 brings a devastating twist in the midst of deep secret and suspicion.

Trolley() is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Mun-kyo, written by Ryu Bo-ri, and stars Kim Hyun-jooandPark Hee-soon in lead roles. This series combines the days of Monday and Friday 10 o’clock timeslot which the series has already taken over at the time of now for Cheer Up. Trolley episode one has 60 minutes.

Netflix’s description of the series is in the tinya series.

The wife of an assemblyman is suddenly trapped in a difficult marriage. He has gotten lost in her personal life and puts her under the burden of losing the family secrets and his own disturbing past.

Trolley Episode 1 Review Contains Spoilers.

The episode begins with a tense Kim Hye-joo at a police station telling a woman that her daughter Nam Yoon-seo is missing. You’re asking all kinds of questions, even if you don’t think she is alive to date. In this case, Hye-joo is the man who is a kid and a kid-masked person.

Hye-joo was doing her homework for thirteen hours. He is a book conservationist and leads a conversation with his customer. Every time I ask her remotely personal questions, Hye-joo seems very uncomfortable and doesn’t go too deep with her replies.

I was still in the band.

After the lunch, he is going to attend a meeting with Yoon-seos classmates. In addition, she doesn’t feel very comfortable when she asks her personal questions about her daughters and her husband about their research methods. She ignores their questions and goes too in-depth with her answers.

She runs the free food section although it looks pretty close to Yeo-jin, the cook and manager of the restaurant. After helping one little girl to eat, she almost gives her hometown address to another worker in there, but her friend helps her out of a troublesome situation.

We learn a little about the secretive Hye-joo of everyone around her that she had a rough childhood and donated all her earnings and that her husband was the district assemblyman Nam Joong-do of the Daehan Party.

That was when we meet Joong-do, who looks like a true politician trying to eradicate real estate speculation and pass a new bill. Those against him are not satisfied with his demands, but his colleagues always sing his praise saying that he is the perfect husband because he always stayed by Hye-joo even though she didn’t come out to support him during his election race.

Even though he has no job throughout the day, he has no problem with his wife who tells her the things his life gets happening.

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From the second episode of Trolley.

That night, Hye-joo and Yeo-jin have a beer, and they talk about their lives. Hye-joo thanks his friend for being always there for her. Finally Joong-do returns home, and the husband and wife start ribbing each other playfully. This relationship is very nice. In fact, they like each other a lot.

When she went to the daughters room that night to get up with her after the explosive fight, she reacted with shock at the fact she was not asleep. The police have begun to search for Yoon-seo, both parents. Everybody desperately tried to find her, but with no luck.

Since the night turns into morning, Hye-joo desperately wants to get her daughter to find him. Joong-do is trying to calm him, but, for the moment, no one really has anything they can do. However, the police know Joong-dos’ true identity immediately, so they’re taking a step in getting more involved.

Joong-do immediately asks them not to give his case any special treatment, but Hye-joo asks him to reconsider since it’s possible to happen to their daughter if they lose time. He’s reluctantly agreeing with all the options without any other option. As the case turns into a missing person case, Hye-joo sighs relief. Fortunately, the detectives are starting to work in order to find her.

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He was reunited with his father, John.

That night, Hye-joo handed out missing persons posters to persons on the road, Yoon-seo still no one could find. Just then, he gets a phone call which would be unidentified as a number. Both of them rushed to the riverbank where they found a body.

Joong-do goes and sees the body while Hye-joo thinks back to her son’s playing with her daughter, and being excited to have a little sister. It turns out that the body is of her son Ji-hoon in a very shocking twist of fate. Hye-joo thought back when she told her son that he would disappear after drunken brawl.

In the meantime, Yoon-seo returns safely and sounded to an empty house.

The next morning, when asked about her biological mother, it turns out that Ji-hoon isn’t actually a Hye-joos boy and his biological mother was dead. The last 15 days after taking a break from Hye-joo, he was released. She looks nice to her stepson and even gives him an apartment and money to start his life off after prison. However, the friction is still there, so from Ji-hoons sides aren’t those big.

Either way, Ji-hoon doesn’t seem to have mended his way, and the police find drugs and a mobile phone on his person. While these two people are trying to see what’s going on with their older child, Yoon-seo eagerly hug her mother, and its a wonderful moment as the whole family grieves their loss.

To the original episode, who’s still alive, will appear if it arrives in Trolley.

Some people talk at the funeral with whispers of a child’s death. But among those people is a mysterious mourner who rushes off before anyone can see them.

Trolley Episode 1 ends.

Then, a heartbroken Hye-joo cleans her son’s house and finds a lipstick on one of the cups. Later she breaks down while filling up the death certificate for Ji-hoons. Later that day, she becomes angry with a woman who claims she’s pregnant with their son.

The news looms over the presence of drugs found on Ji-hoons person, while the problem is related to Joong-do, but Hye-joo is left at the same time shocked by the last developments.

Three episodes of the First Act, one of the Trolley series, are the beginning of the novel.

After some good start, a second episode was pretty good. Even in the presence of Hye-joos secrecy, I almost thought would be the one who did something wrong. I think that the slight twist will eventually leave everybody feeling very shocked.

In the case of Hye-joo, there’s a lot of questions, or is there something darker in her past? Are you telling the truth about your interactions with Ji-hoon today, when he was away from prison? Clearly, is Joong-do really the sluga that he’s showing everyone?

The doubts are very high and since we haven’t received all the information, it’s fascinating to see where all this goes. If you are right, I’m thinking of the next episode, I’ll be having a really good time.

Trolley is streaming on Netflix.

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