Why is Cid Kagenou from The Eminence in Shadow a Cool, Cold-Hearer, and OP Isekai Protagonist Ever?

First, let's be very honest here. Most of us don't watch the music by one another for their stories. 9 times out of 10 of all the stars do what funny or idiotic, ends up being reborn/summoned with magic into a second world, gains magical powers which leave them overpowered and "the most people" [] [[*] will be in a world that they are in a world for which they [are] given a good and powerful power. and the most dreaded ladies (including females and males) will do something noble or idiotic.


Let’s be truly honest here. Most of us don’t watch isekai’s stories. In 9 times on 10 an isekai works like this: the main charactermale or femaledies do something honorable or idiotic, and end up being reborn/resummoned into another world with magic, become overpowered and eventually live better life than their previous one. There are often a few exceptions here and there, like Re:Zero.

I don’t like the fact that, because of the plot, we hardly watch the isekai in any case, but because of the MC who can either make the series relatable or engaging, or even simply just a way or something other than one. Enter Cid Kagenou, a young man once from Japan, who mumbled to become a powerful warrior who, from the shadows, hid secret equities. When he dies and reincarnates, he will play the role of Cid, who, as a consequence, is from a world of magic, becomes an undisputed warrior. He is probably the most popular warrior around. I don’t know how to write it without a word, however, when you watch the Eminence in Shadow, like we are, at Honeys Anime, you’ll realize that manis actually built differently.

He’s cool, delugey and he’s wickedly uncaring.


Don’t feel like thou fooled by Cids personality, just when he was once minoru. He viewed as more of a spy than a wannabe secret organization leader. I think that he cares for peopleas he takes down other organizationsand even takes the enemies in the same way as them. The image Cid plays is a cool OP hero, but this man, as we learn later from The Eminence in Shadow, is not about the right or heroism, but his aim is to become the strongest and to take down those he feels violates his own principles. It is often that Cid is so different from Naofumi from Rising the Shield or From Re:Zero from Evangelism. Cid is a lot like Hajime from Arifureta, he has own principles, and so is the way he lives. To be awesome to see this in a character is impossible but he says that making him very cold when it comes to helping others or even when he says why he wishes to strengthen his muscles.

Makes his story a story from the squatter.

We all have friends who are vivid storytellers. They won’t lie to something, but give it a chance. To give a simple story a break up is easy to tell. Even though his lies were real, the truth is, in reality, that man is the literal walking lie! Cid might be lied about being weak and losing to his superior sister or his fake girlfriend, but he also lied about a secret organisation, in this case, Cult of Diablosand, yet it wasn’t a lie, they really do exist and plan on overthrow society! Our MC Cid made his lies and dreams reality. The effect is just as amazing as being a dreamer. We all have dreams or self-described lies that help us to deal with the world and attempt to dream more than we can, and Cid is guilty of this, too. Yet, I didn’t give up. He made the whole fantasy of a shia beouf complete with one, or two, the complete universe with two different different personalities.

All this does not harm it.

Come on now Most isekai isekites aren’t shy of telling them how OP they are. Is Lugh of the Worlds Finest Assassin Reincarnated in The Other World, and Tanya Von Degurechaff from Saga of Tanya the Evil, is actually going to take the test of their skills? Lugh at least has a tinge of realization that he could possibly lose a fightlike when he goes against a dude he has to trick to beat in one hitbut most of the time, all around trembling their abilities and pushing me into our hands. Cid This man leaves school at school avoiding a fight. Sometimes it makes up the sand and eats the ice. Cid knows that he can’t be beat easily and is very arrogant about his talent, but he doesn’t flaunt them until the battle starts; though a few times hes surprised when he’s able to do something. We like Cid’s attitude as he knows that he’s powerful and proves it in combat without winning any ten seconds by a random person or viewer.

Cid is a sad soul.

Now, I think we adore Cid, and would like to be like him at the hive, but he’s a very important person for me. When he is the leading of Shadow Garden and if he chooses to do so, rightCid can be very disturbing. There are no heroic actions going into this man’s mind, but he’s anxious, fueled by his self-doubt of a vicious rift, become the most powerful aristocratic heir and conquer the world. We cant deny that makes us wonder how far Cid is willing to go for his aspirations because many times hes showed an almost alarming amount of heartlessness. Even in episode 9, which we mention a lot in this article, we do our best to avoid spoilers, Cid remarks that that he hope its enemy’s story doesn’t go too long as he’s clearly tired and wants to fight. This man brutally murdered his own daughter, but still helped them, helped to protect his own own destiny. There’s something he would never forget to smuggle it in an annoyance. Cid isn’t a anti-hero or sogar a vigilante. As we pointed out previously, he is fighting due to wanting to succeed and no matter how difficult he might stand, so he will assume it if he feels it is his aim to get closer to his vision. We’re very sure that medical books have been made about people like Cid.

The Eminence in Shadow has a story that seems almost laughable but then again, thanks to the MC, you can’t deny that it’s a terrible isekai! Cid Kagenou is straight up one of the most intriguing isekai protagonists. We can only wonder how he will continue to grow in future episodes of the series! But is this guy we should root for or worry about as a bad role model? We honestly don’t know.

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