Witcher 3-PC Hotfix should help keep him from going so often

The witcher 3The new generation upgrade from the game was quite stunning when the project was completed. While there were no major issues for Xbox One and PS5, PC is a different story. CD Projekt Red says new hotfix release on Monday will help reduce at least some of the rumors players have been [] about.

Image: CD-Projekt Red.

The witcher 3The next-gen upgrade from a witcher was delightfulwhen the game was built. While there were no major issues on Xbox X/S and PS5, PC is a different story. CD Projekt Red says that a new hotfix released on Monday should help reduce at least some of the problems players encounter with stuttering and frame rate crashes.

The studio tweeted this morning that we released a hotfix for The Witcher 3 on PC. This would improve the stability and performance of the whole house, and then fix GOG and Steam overlays. The game version won’t change. Our teams work to improve their experience across all platforms.

When free 4.0 update is rolled out for The witcher 3 on December 14th, PC gamers immediately started reporting performance issues. One claimed that the hardware that had previously run the game at 60fps on low-doss would now run it at 30fps on low-doss. The new ray tracing function, which led to a dripping frame, was particularly exhausting, even with Nvidia’s new generation of 4080 graphics cards.

The players reported problems with Steam deck compatibility and increased frequency of desktop crashes and freezes. As a result, some tried to permanently disable the update, but only revert to a previous version. Even though ray tracing also broke on PS5 and Xbox S series, nothing looks different about this game with problems.

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The results for the PC players haven’t come until today’s hotfix was finally mixed. Will we know how it will look in the coming days? Even if you give us a better idea of how it’s going to be, then then CD Projekt Red can release a full fix that fixes the current issues and delivers on the promise of a ray tracing add-on?