Xbox Australia says the price of the Xbox S for Christmas is down for the year-round period

When it comes to the Xbox Series X, the price of the cheapest option seems to be around 24 December. Xbox Australia confirmed that to support the shoppers with the last minute gifting needs, [] [] "to help with every gift" need, the customers can do the same.

Since the Xbox X is available with the newest features, as well as the improved capabilities, the Xbox Series X is quite affordable for people who are seeking an affordable, digital-only experience. Xbox Australia confirmed that the PlayStation Series will be available for $429,00 AUD / $469,00 NZD till Christmas Eve.

That discount is being used by many leading retailers. However, if you want to join this offer, check out your local electronics store.

This console is based on the data obtained from the console, which it uses as a digital option, and is available by the same time as the other versions of the Xbox series. While it supports all of the games in the Xbox Series X, it is considered a budget option for all of the games that are sold exclusively from the Xbox Marketplace.