You get 6 months of Amazon Prime when you buy an O2 phone plan

If you sign up for a free monthly subscription, pay by SIM or Volt plan or switch to a new one, you can get six months of Amazon Prime for free. The supplement can be added to any plan purchased or rescinded by O2 within the first 28 days of the contract. Amazon []

If you sign up for a new monthly subscription, either SIM-only or Volt Plan, or change to another one, you can pay for six months of Amazon Prime for free.

The supplement can be added to any plan purchased online or claimed within one month of contract. Amazon Prime offers the same-day delivery, Prime Video, Amazon Music, E-books, and access to flash sales like Prime Day.


To get the extra, simply add the plan you wish to add to your cart by clicking Choose this plan and then under the next button, click “Assess six months of Prime from Amazon”.

After six months are the first time you have gotten the subscription, then it reverts to the standard price of 8.99 per month for subscribers, but customers can cancel before they have to pay.

If you’re a new owner of O2 technology, you can’t get Prime for free. Depending on your plan, a second-time charge can be raised.

In addition to Amazon Prime, new O2 customers also have the option to subscribe to: Disney+, Audible, McAfee Mobile Security Plus, Amazon Music Unlimited and Cafeyn. Only one free supplement can be claimed on an O2 invoice.

It is time for O2 plans to go by the carrier, as the carrier offers lots of big deals such as 180 off the cost of iPhone 14 Pro 128GB airtime on an unlimited rate and 288 off the Google Pixel 6a in multiple plans.

O2 also has a cracking SIM-only deal you can get 3 months free for either the unlimited SIM-only Plus plan from 30 a month or the 150GB SIM-only plan for 22 a month.

American readers can also bundle a subscription to Amazon Prime on their phone contract if they sign up for a plan that will be used by T-Mobile and Metro.

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