Your 4K TV, with ambilight? Its possible, and here is how is the way it works?

Tell us your 4K TV with Ambilight. That set of LED lights brings light to the dining room, and gives the atmosphere change.

What did you receive from the news? It is possible, and here’s how it works, as it’s possible.

Published at 12/19/2022 at 9:40 o’clock.

There is a huge collection of accessories to enhance your viewing experience. The vast 4K screens and soundbox for cinematic feeling, but also this Philips Hue backlight to change the light at the living room and make it appear more light.

The latest TV screen models have an Ambilight function that’s already integrated with LEDs that are embedded behind the screen. For screens that are not adorned, Philips has thought of everything by offering a backlight system that can be placed behind your TV.

Normally, two white & Color & Ambiance backlights plus a extension cost approximately 173,70 dollars on Amazon. At present, it is offered a discount of twenty percent, offer for $137.99!

Buy the Philips Hue Play Pack for 137.99 dollars on Amazon.

Come play the Philips Hue play: Ambilight Bar, ideal for entertaining your TV nighttimes.

The main thing in this pack is simple: you can put the lights on your TV while you have a backlight when you attach your bars at the rear of the screen if you don’t have an Ambilight system. It seems that without special devices, the backlights won’t match the color of your screen, but these types of colors are also less dynamic.

This package includes three backlight bars with bearings and one TV mounting bracket with 3M stickers. To take advantage of this, you’ll need an additional bridge, if you own one, and an optional upgrade to the full powerhouse for Philips with Audio to have a custom set of luminaires.

As long as you realize, these bars offer great potentials unless you don’t shop with their full Philips Hue range. In case you have everything, it will become easier.

With the system in place, you can change the ambience of your living room, depending on whether you are going to watch horror movies or western movies. It’s ideal for fun with the light to play a game or an album.

Buy the Philips Hue Play Pack for 137,99 dollars from Amazon.

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