Apple Watch Ultra dropped in price with a brutal discount

Take advantage of this offer and get the new Apple Watch Ultra at its old minimum price. It has never been cheaper. The Apple Watch Ultra getting an attractive price right now join the conversation Right now, the Apple Watch Ultra got a much cheaper price if you benefited from this offer.

Take advantage of this offer and get the new Apple Watch Ultra at its historic minimum price. It has never been cheaper.

Apple Watch Ultra is receiving a major discount right now.

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For now you can get the incredible Apple Watch Ultra much cheaper if you use this offer. This is Apple’s best Apple Watch, but it has been released very recently so it’s very rare to find such a deal.

Apple Watch Ultra is $1999 in the Apple Store. A discount of 80 dollars can only be used for 919 dollars, if you enjoy that offer.

Apple Watch Ultra | 919 dollars.

The Apple Watch Ultra is the best Apple Watch Apple has ever made.

This offer’s practically insurmountable. In fact, at Amazon, we also have the discounted Apple Watch Ultra, but the price drops to 959 dollars. That means it costs 40 dollars more than MediaMarkt.

Apple Watch UltraSee at Apple Watch UltraSee at Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a perfect device for extreme athletes. It’s why it introduces a lot more improvements over the Apple Watch Series 8 that does not have any special features. It’s obviously not a watch for everybody. We have advanced features for those who practice extreme sportsclimb to the highest mountains or descend to the deepest seafront, with beautiful apps for that.

Without doubt, this is a reasonably priced watch, but thanks to the offer, it can be yours at a much cheaper price. This is Apple’s largest and toughest applewatch ever, and contains a lot of functions such as water resistance up to a hundred meters or cellular connectivity.

Apple Watch Ultra | 919 dollars.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a very ambitious watch for very demanding users.

Apple Watch Ultra specifications include:

The Apple Watch Ultra is good at something, because of its features. This watch is durable, with the blight screen and the best of Apple inside. Here is the full specification table.

Apple Watch Ultra is a smartphone. Dimensions 49mm (49 x 44 x 14,4 mm) Weight (aluminum) Filter OLED LTPO (410 x 502 pixels), brightness up to 2000 nits. Three feet taller than the Apple Watch Series 3. Resolution 410 x 502 pixels. Yes Processor Using 64-bit dual-core processor, a 6-inch S8 can be managed with dual-core processor. Watch OS 9 on the screen. connectivity W3 chip, U1 chip, LTE, UMTS, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/na 2.4 and 5 GHz. Drums 36 hours de battery life. Yes Colors Natural Others IP6X dust resistance, water resistance to 100 meters, EN13319 certified, tested to MIL-STD 810H7, depth gauge, water temperature sensor, heart rate sensor, 86 decibel siren, call button customizable action.

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