Google Lens can decipher your doctor prescription for you

Google Lens is increasing Google's space in some Google apps, and its Pixel phones have been upgraded in the last two or three years. Now Lens can fully identify each of the letters that your doctor has handwritten in these prescriptions, that sometimes look like hieroglyphs. I ate my daughter.

Googles now taking up space for Google’s various other applications as well as its Pixel phone. Now Lens can fully identify each of these letters your doctor has handwritten in these prescriptions that often look like hieroglyphs.

My daughter, you’re in a google eye.

Lens and his ability to understand your doctor.

Google announced a new Lens feature in India this morning, in which you can write the written prescriptions.

The newest feature came from the collaboration of the pharmacy, and will allow users to take a photo of the prescription with the Google lens or when it is uploaded, thereby displaying the prescription as image. This technology could enable the Google app to detect the prescribed medication.

Google India (@GoogleIndia) December 19, 2022

You can help those records written by the doctors by scanning them. It is so useful that this application can use the surreal abilities of that application. In any case, Lens will use other means to give the end of the prescribed medications.

You should be able to get medication free. As the alarm gets over, it’s a very high price, so we are looking for what it costs to use this new function when it comes to Google’s lens. The big G didn’t specify a date for its launch, but it showed how it is working on Twitter.

The free Android device.

The fact that Google has provided a solution in India. This surprise is due to the fact that it’s the country where the highest number of users use Lens and so there are enough reasons for improving the app experience here, but in Europe we’ll also have it as far as we know.

That is definitely a useful document for this application as it helps anyone decode the hard-to-read prescriptions of many doctors.

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