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Paramount drops two trailers of Babylon back to back before the release!

The movie Babylon by Damien Chazelles greeted the audience with two back-to-back trailers, each with different emotions. The director of La La Lands picked up all of the best names from this year’s best movie. When the trailers got back into the store, Paramount dropped two trailers, one titled Nice and the other Naughty, but were they really going to fulfill the title?

The Nice trailer started out without musical input; slowly from black and white to white, the movie industry changed its era. The funny thing is that each actor is vibrant nature. That means Margot Robbies would be a big star and Brad Pitt rich life, and so. The trailer for the movie Nice did show that no one was happy, and not just drug-induced, but a lot of fun.

When I was talking about the naughty trailer, it began out dark. Tobey looked like a zombie, not a lie. Then we began to look into an grotesque murder scene and sex and party life peeped in naughtily. The show was short and steady. A lot of you could see the movie while the trailer was slow and steady. What a new way to get an audience excited before the movie opens!

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Though La La Land showed the difficult side of becoming an actor and music personality, I believe that Babylon will show the dirty and nasty side of Hollywood and its massive celebration as well as its incredible accomplishments when it is the world’s largest event. While the film received mixed critics, the positive reviews dominate and people are very excited to see whether it’s worth the hype.

Watch Babylon Nice and Naughty Trailers.

Are you keen to watch Babylon? If it’s big yes, mark your dates and let the movie hit the theaters on November 23, 20, 2022.

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