Lightning, magic and puffs, a new anime to rival Harry Potter?

Lightning Scar, magic and puffs, a new anime to rival Harry Potter? The anime movie on 12/20/2022 will be published at 8:29 PM If the schedule for the game of 2023 already has been announced as full, next year the Jump Festa event has already given the layer - in addition to the announcements for Jujutsu Kaisen, Kenshin [] has been made.

Lightning Scar, magic and puffs, new anime about his rivalry with Harry Potter?

Published on 12/2022 at 20:29.

If the schedule for the anime coming in 2023 has already been announced as full, a part of the jumpfest has already commenced: As of now, it has been expanded to include Jujutsu Kaisen, Kenshin or Hells Paradise, and the anime mixing Harry Potter and One Punch Man, in a new trailer.


  • Do you think that the Harry Potter movie is Japanese Anime?
  • A crossroads between Harry Potter and The One Punch Man are located at the intersection of the worlds of Harry Potter and The One Punch Man.

The Harry Potter game?

The year after the twenty-thirty of December is almost here. 2023 is an interesting year to watch. Traditionally, anime lovers benefit from the many announcements in December.

First, the publisher Oricon shares the popular manga in Japan over two classifications. This year is always Jujutsu Kaisen, awarded the crown with more than three million copies sold. A few weeks later, the Jump Festa took place: an announcement festival, taking its name from the many magazines published by the Shueisha, in which many manga chapters are pre-released.

On this occasion, many announcements are made about the arrival / return of works, but also about television adaptations. The film trailer, designed for Kenshin the Vagabond, is an old-fashioned cartoon movie, and isn’t released for the anime film version. If it has already been announced, it’s the first time we can see actual sequences of the anime. The opportunity to get to know how much work A-1 Pictures has done. (Your lie in April, Kaguya-sama: Love is war, but also on the adjustments of Solo leveling and Ner-automata). If you can learn more about the show, especially by the script – the My hero academy) and the work Kaito Ishikawa (The Ninya dances My hero academy).


  • Tomoya Tanaka
  • Shaiosuke Kuroda: Yosuke Kuroda: Shuna Sgtisovnijian uzucza yagnia.
  • Characterity: Hisashi Higashijima: Hisashi Higashijima.
  • Conception of these men: Saki Hisamatsu, Nozomu Goto.
  • Storyline Directors: Gori Matsuda, Hiroaki Goda.
  • Goshkhangi | Takeda.
  • Narita Iyasu works from this stage.
  • A project: Yusa Ito.
  • Camera: Suzuki Akito
  • Managing Director: Daisuke Fukuda.
  • Masato Yoshitake – a motherboard:
  • The lyrics are very good.
  • I heard of you: Tetsu Motoyama.
  • Sound effects: Yui Ando.
  • Production by son. An insertion edge.
  • Production: A-1 Pictures
  • A pizza was burned: Kobayashi Chiaki.
  • Finns: Reiji Kawashima.
  • The tallest woman on the bench: Kaito Ishikawa.
  • Take on the Point Barrett: Takuya Eguchi.
  • Lemon tiara: Rena Ueda.

Harry Potter and One Punch Man intersections at the intersection of the two worlds of Harry Potter and One Punch Man.

Although it’s still too early to measure success effectively Masha, its TV adaptation ( planned for 2023) seemed to be long waited by fans of the Hajime Koumotos manga, 11 volumes have already been published in France (Crunchyroll, Kaze), while in the archipelago it’s the fifteenth volume awaited. An expectation that can be explained by the mangas atypical synopsis, which revisits certain codes of Harry Potter literary saga while inserting many phases of humor and a specific drawing that can be found inside it One punchman or Mob Psycho.

The story goes on in a magical world where the vast majority (but not all) practice magic. No, obviously, because Mashle is the protagonist of Mashle. I don’t know that, so you can’t use this. He lives in the woods with his grandfather, likes cream and swears in bodybuilding. The secret of not using magic is discovered now and he is threatened with execution. If he survives, he must enroll in Eastons Magic Academy and prove it to be the best student there. The weird circumstances have turned up in Mash as well as weird situations where he seems to have unknowingly learned several tricks.

This TV adaptation by Mashle is expected to show up next spring from April. An update has not been announced regarding the transfer simulcast in France, one hour after the first broadcast.