The films of the Top Gun star were a huge failure

ENTERTAINMENT December 19, 2022 at 7 p.m. Tom Cruise is considered to be a strong actor. But even a star who has a high potential for the highest-priced award is sometimes very wrong and plays a dangerous role. We show you 10 Tom Cruise films that flopped tremendously. Tom Cruise continues to scream his [] yoos.


Dec 19:2022, 7:30, at 7.

Tom Cruise is considered as a guarantee of success for action films. Even the top-favour star can sometimes go too wrong and take on roles that are nonsense. We show you 10 films that flopped quite easily.

Tom Cruise threw out his fans with action films like Mission Impossible: Fallout (Credit: Paramount) and more.

Many cinema fans like movies but often forget Tom Cruise, as he isn’t impressed by his actions, but his dedication to science fiction is a lie. But that’s not all that popular, cruise has many fans around the world. This is mainly due to the fact that Cruise delivers everything in a series and a movie like Mission: Impossible are among the most entertaining of all time.

While sailing isn’t guaranteed to succeed, it’s all possible. Some movies with action can not benefit from their well-known dreaded actor, and often lose out at the box office. Thus it’s a more serious issue here: The cost of the film increases significantly due to its high fee, so it takes longer to recover the budget later.

Netwelt has compiled 10 films for you from Tom Cruises career, earning of less than anticipated expectations according to Hollywood standards.

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