Tom Cruise has been promoting Top Gun: Maverick with Mission Impossible Skydiving

A riddle: which comes first, the Tom Cruise movie, or the Tom Cruise stunt? While a statement that's a little weird and typical of Tom Cruise, the 60-year-old actor opens up on a behind-the-scenes video Mission: Impossible Dead reckoning First - and says he's wanted to do what I want to do since [] I [] am the nauseum of a woman who does not think that's good to her [[then]].

A riddle: Who’s the first, the Tom Cruise movie or the Tom Cruise stunt?

In a statement which is both a little odd and typical of Tom Cruise, the actor opens up on a behind-the-scenes video Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One, saying he’s want to do what they want to perform since I was a young man. It was the film’s biggest and most dangerous stunt: a motorcycle jumps off a Norwegian cliff, then hits a BASE jump.

After he opened the door to tiny Tommy Cruise, he realized his massive scope when cruise, a dead reckoning Writer and director Christopher McQuarrie and her sophisticated stunt team detail the intense prep work. Prep work requires an incredible number of skydives by Cruise, which includes a few jumps he does just to warm up when it becomes really the time to film this large stunt.

Tom Cruise is a consummate film star, but he moves on to promotion with clinical efficiency. He flashes his megawatt smile and talks about how great it is to entertain us, viewers, because films are simple best movies. He’s a little good at that as he is at not talking about Scientology (that’s: extreme), but Tom is a low-key Tom, here to study well.

I mean that Tom Cruise was in a hard time and didn’t really wish to do it. Because of his work, and what he wanted to do and get into a career he didn’t really do is, but instead to dream up crazy stunts and then use his considerable influence in Hollywood to do that stunt. I guess he gives a movie to the moneypeople. (His director can get panic attacks every time he is out of a plane.)

While Tom Cruises love language, he decided to use it to thank fans for their support Top Gun: Maverick, who disembarked from a plane thousands of feet above South Africa, ie. speaking into the camera about our funness and entertainingness.

If there’s a god, one day Tom Cruise will piss them off.