Who is Ichigo’s mother, Masaki Kurosaki, & what happened to them?

Since the anime started, the most important thing we learned about Ichigo Kurosaki was that his mother died just a little while she was young. We learned that his Hollow Power came from his mother, who we know is Masaki Kurosaki. What Happened To You: Ichigos Mama & Masaki Kurosaki? Read More

Since the Bleach anime started, one of the things we learned about Ichigo Kurosaki is that his mother died at the age of just a child. We learned that his Hollow powers originated from his mother, whom we know Masaki Kurosaki is, so we also know it. But episode 11 of Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War revealed that Ichigo is actually a Quincy from his mothers side. So, who is Masaki Kurosaki and what is happening to her?

Masaki Kurosaki was an honest Quincy and was robbed of the Ishida family when the other clan was killed. She met Isshin in the former captains’ rage, and then the Hollow lost the thorn to a Hollow named White, and the Hollow tapped her. She died when a fake was attacked by the Hollow.

The fact that Masaki was Quincy the whole time was a major problem in Bleach’s storyline, because of this change in his entire identity, and also because Iigo became their own identity. The fact that I did not tell a story of how he was a Quincy all the time allowed him to stay stronger in preparation for his fight with Yhwach. That said, lets look at who Ichigos mom is now.

Who’s Masaki Kurosaki?

In the first section of the Bleach anime, one of the things that we always knew about Ichigo was that he had Hollow powers. Of course this came as a surprise, during the time it was revealed, for many fans, as it was extremely rare for Shinigami to have Hollow skills and powers. As for the defending opponents, Ichigos Hollow was an entirely different persona that took over his body during the times he couldn’t defeat his opponents.

We eventually saw that Iigo would learn to control his Hollow side, and can utilize this powers to leverage the benefit of Hollowfication. He harnessed the powers of his Hollow side, so he could defeat the Arrancar and Ulquiorra, who was among the most powerful of all Americans in Espada. We also learned that, in the series, Ichigos Hollow is something she was inherited from her mother.

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But Bleach: The millennium-year-old bloodwar has changed things about Ichigos bloodline, especially when he met Yhwach with the blood line, using “Stone Vene.” And in episode 11 of Thousand Years of War, we became aware of the true story of a mother of Ichigos.

Most fans thought that Masaki Kurosaki was a regular person and that her powers would infected me, and that she would surrender to Mirigo. In episode 11, we learned that Masaki was actually an Echt Quincy, a bloodline that’s directly connected to Yhwach.

To the least of the young women, the entire entire Kurosaki Echt Quincy Bloodline died, and only Masaki survived the ordeal. As such, the Ishida family took her in so she could marry Ryuken Ishida one day and mix pure bloodlines together, to maintain the Ishida Echt Quincy bloodline. In that regard, she was always an authentic Quincy, but never joined the other Echt Quincy allied with the recovering Yhwach years before Iigo was born.

Masaki Kurosaki met Isshin Shiba, who is the father of Ichigo Kurosaki, when he was still a captain in the Gotei 13 years ago. Isshin went to Karakura personally after discovering that Shinigami was getting killed in that area. He learned that a powerful Hollow with an all black armored body was killing Shinigami in that area. Initially proving to be more than a match for the White Hollow, Isshin eventually struggled against it after being attacked by the aizen.

Isshin was saved to the rescue of Masaki, who took the force to the scene of the fight after she was envious of the Ishida family’s strong spiritual presence. She used her Reiatsu Bow against White, who proved fast enough to avoid her shots. In that regard, Masaki allowed White to get closer to her before being bitten by an animal, and had a fatal blow that forced the Hollow to self-destruct. Isshin saved Masaki from a blast and then they eventually met each other.

The Masakis relationship with Isshin increased as a result of time. While the Quincys and the Soul Society have been hostile relationships, the time has passed by. However, they realized that Whites bite actually allowed it to give her its Hollowfication, in the long run, as Ryuken was forced to take Masaki out of their house, because they fear something the Ishida family would do to her if they found out.

What happened to Masaki Kurosaki?

After Ryuken took Masaki out of their house, Isshin and Urahara discovered what was happening to Masaki. From good reason, Masaki got a solution called Urahara; Isshin asked for, to prevent Masaki from becoming a deer. She revealed that she was studying Hollowfication, and discovered the failed process that used Hollowfication to strengthen Shinigami. But this process was never tested on a Quincy.

In that regard, Isshin sacrificed his Shinigami powers, to suppress the Hollow side in Masaki. Isshins Shinigami side entered Masaki’s inner world, where stayed so that it could suppress the Hollow side, who was trying to take over the Quincy. In return, Isshin was forced to live the ordinary life of a human being.

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When she graduated from the university, Masaki moved out of the Ishida household, and was able to do that with a man who saved her. She began to study in the clinic he opened in osshin as she visited the clinic that he opened. Since he said that she lost her powers due to an accident that made him expelled from the Soul Society, as a result of which she said she was lying almost a time ago. They got married and Masaki was born to Ichigo, Karin, and Yuzu.

On the other hand, Whites Hollow powers, which were suppressed with Masaki-like powers, transferred to Ichigo. That’s the reason I had his mothers’ powers broken down. On the other hand, while he was young, Ichigo was lured out by a hollow named Grand Fisher, who used the ways that he consumed for a reason to trick others.

At that time, Masaki had no longer access to her Quincy powers because they were taken away by Yhwach. She saved Mirigo from Grand Fisher as she was killed by the Hollow for the sake of keeping her son safe. My family and Ichigo were devastated by her death, but they didn’t know that the Hollow side of Masaki had made its way to Ichigo and fused with his Shinigami side to make his true Zanpakuto.