10 Best Aztec Movies

Alaba's early civilizations often serve as strong inspiration for filmmakers Many films both documentaries and fantasy were made using their settings, deities, cities and rituals. Aztec civilization is one such iconic ancient mesoamerican civilization, weirdly enough, thatt was also seen in the movie almost as being portrayed by the American Express 10 Best Aztec Movies You Need To Watch Read More

Ancient civilizations often played major role for filmmakers. Hollywood-style movies and movies make sense using setting, deities, cities, and rituals; documents, and fantasy -and mainly from the beginning. Aztec civilization is one of the worlds most popular ancient mesoamerican civilizations but weirdly enough, it wasnt quite shown in movies in any way that the film would do.

Are you still thinking about Aztecs in movies? Before you give our list, expect everything from action and comedies, to horrors and documentaries! At some point, you can find some of the things that suit your tastes.

So lets start with our 10 best Aztecs movies -without further ado!

Mexico Barbaro (2014)

What its about:The first chapter is actually anthology divided into 8 chapters. Chapter 1 touches on the ancient Aztec practice of showing off your enemies’ skulls that youve taken during conquests or other similar raids. Tzompantli has become increasingly popular with drug dealers as the practice is used to scare rivals, enemies, much as Aztecs did.

Why you should watch it:If youre a fan of Mesoamerican cultures, definitely give Mexico Barbaro a try. Other than its not a totally historical collection of practice, its interesting and you might even learn a little about it. Others are also interesting as they focus on other creepy phenomena (and ghost stories) from mesoamerican cultures.

2 Aztec Rex (2008)

What its about:The storyline behind Aztec Rex sounds silly, but you may find that the film is an action thriller. Aztec Rex leads us to Aztec civilisation as it was during 1521 when conquistador Cortes arrived in the jungle to probably rob Aztecs of their gold. What he spotted was something otherworldly. Aztec tribe worship a pair of Tyrannosaurus rex. All is good until Aztec Rex starts eating on tribe of worship.

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Why you should watch it:As Ive said before, don’t expect much when it comes to the depth of the movie, the historical setting, since it is a fictional action-adventure comedy story. Its certainly an awesome film so if youve never tried looking at how dinosaurs fit in with the ancient Aztec empire, give it a go.

Returned to Aztlan (1990)

What its about:Return to Aztlan offers us with a familiar perspective. Aztec territory lands face terrible drought, local population admits it angered the gods in a way. Moctezuma The Old decides to head out to Aztlan, so-called cradle of Aztec civilization, seeking goddess Coatlicue the only deity that can help them at the moment.

Why you should watch it:Return to Aztlan is a high-rated film that is praised for its visualising everyday Aztec life, as well as life during a high risk drought, largely due to nature and its whims. Overall a great movie for you who want to know more about the character of Aztec.

Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy (2000)

What its about: Over time, numerous artifacts have been discovered in an ancient Aztec pyramid and a well-designed mummy. Both artifacts, mummy sent back to States for further study and six unspecified archeologists and professor will have to deal with something they never thought to see during their wake hours – an ancient Aztec god ready to deliver even more ancient curse.

Why you should watch it:The movie is low-budget, dont expect much for the environment. But the Aztec mummies premise is interesting as we cant see nearly a dozen of the dozens in the movies. In this movie, that’s a great way to get revenge for their rest being disturbed.

Q: Winged Serpent (1982)

Q: The Winged Serpent Story Enlightenment: Two policemen stumble upon an ancient Aztec tale. Some begins to terrorize New York citizens at same time, looks like something pulled straight from Aztec mythology.

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Why you should watch it:If youre a fan of monsters, will be delighted with this cheesy depiction of Quetzalcoatl. Don’t expect much in the department of special effects, the premise alone should keep you entertained.

The Other Conquest (1998)

What’s About: The Other Conquest is a historical representation of the infamous massacre by Aztecs in Tenochtitlan. Movie follows Topilzin, illegitimate son of Aztec emperor Montezuma, battle with Spaniards and new religion, on quest for lightening, decides to change his life forever.

Why you should watch it:The movie shows what Aztecs did while they conquered. This movie will not necessarily educate you, but also encourage you to do your own research. If you want to learn more about the fall of this big civilization, it will not necessarily help.

Lost Treasure of Grand Canyon (2008)

What its about:Also sank in the head with a forensic team ‘who was supposed to uncover and test a lost walled Aztec city’. A rescue team is formed to recover the team, stumble on ancient Aztec warriors led by a savage and terrifying flying serpent god.

Why you should watch it: one more depiction of an Aztec flying serpent, if youre into ancient gods coming alive on unspecified intruders of its territory definitely give this one a try. Its not the best horror film in the world but its definitely something different.

Apocalypto (2006)

Apocalypto occurs around 1502 in Yucatan, Mayan culture abrupt crash. The movie deals with the subject of human sacrifice, oppression, ritualistic worship.

Why you should watch it:you’re probably wondering why Ive put a movie about Mayans on this list, well as many viewers pointed out the movie didn’t hurt the Mayans in such a wide light, considering that most of the rituals, day-to-day details shown are more reminiscent of Aztecs. Depending on the amount of money you are looking for, if you have a great eye on high-budget depictions of Mesoamericans.

Aztec Mummy: Mil Mascaras

What its about:If you combine a tiny drop of human blood with an ancient, well-preserved Aztec Mummy, you get the perfect undead villain with world domination in its sights. Mil Mascaras will try to stop it, but will soon know that the mummy has plenty of weapons on hand.

Why you should watch it:The sci-fi horror movie features famous Mexican wrestler, extremely popular movie star and power-hungry mummies, what more can you even ask for?

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The Nameless Days (2022)

Nameless Days Weds Around Mexican-American border where ancient Aztec deities start walking among the mortals taking the souls just like the ancients used to sacrifice to them.

Why you should watch it:This is an excellent supernatural horror movie that turns us into the notion of timelessness. This Movie Looks For The Hunter-Prey Dynamic For You.