Adorable new Totoro hand puppets make perfect finger topper stocking stuffersPhotos

Adorable last-minute Christmas gift ideas for Studio Ghibli anime fan in your life (even if that fan is you).

Adorable last-minute Christmas gift ideas for the Studio Ghibli anime fan in your life (even if that fan is you).

All Christmas shopping done by now in a perfect world Besides the world isnt ideal (as shown by what was actually Japans Killing Stone actually living up to its name), you may even have some people on your list that don’t find a holiday hamper for or without?

But youre in luck! Studio Ghibli anime merchandise specialty store Donguri Kyowakoku will come to your rescue to provide delicious and hearty little gifts to give.

If youve never had an opportunity to visit a Donguri Kyowakoku branch, you might have been wondering how far this line of yubi ningyo (finger puppets) ranged from Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli co-creators to their films. A spruce of some new figures, new poses and expressions being rolled out in spurts on anime of origin First wave, not surprising, is cute group of My Neighbor Totoro finger puppets

Big, medium and small Totoros represented in ocarina playing and non-ocarina playing versions

Totoro stays on sack for ocarina-playing medio

You cant leave the spotlight on memorable scenes in the movie and not include the Catbus and Soot Sprites

and even little sister Mei, both in her regular clothes, also with her rain coat she puts on to meet her dad at the bus stop in the rain, is here.

Totally of 10 Totoro fingers puppets – one for each of us Oh, wait! Umm, we mean one for the person who bought them for to put on each of their fingers! Nope, no way wed give in to temptation to buy them and just keep them for ourselves

Donguri Kyowakokus finger puppets might look like gacha/blind-buy items, but you can decide if you want them, should you have the skills to resist you. Donguri Kyowakoku puts on sale Dec. 24 for $495 yen (US$3.55)

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