Anime-Only Viewers: Mission Start: Chainsaw Man Episode 11

Chainsaw Man Episode 11, Mission Start, marks Second-To-Last Episode Of Season They also had the finale for next week.

Chainsaw Man Episode 11, Mission Start, marks the second-to-last episode of the season. Coming to the final, were already on the pitch. Overall this was definitely a pleasure for a short time but I’m not so sure I should have figured out how things will be wrapped up for a good piece. This episode had some nice character development but not quite as much Denji as I preferred.

Future Devil’s MVP for this week. In the end, I would have just looked at a quite big devil that I truly didnt see that he could have so much personality. Even though he had a small role, his characters still held with me.

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Was Aki Worth It? The Future Devil Says?

Future Devil is a reality this week, but I love how he was seen. The Devil tries to make something positive about being alive and all his work lies around that. After seeing what Aki was going to die, he offered to live in right eye for free in this case. Akis death goes so dire that Future Devil doesnt need any additional money.

I cant wait to see if the deal is even worth it. Nothing Explains Aki what it will be, and it turns out itsjustbeing able to see a brief amountinto the future. Then, this is hardly enough for Aki to fight, and just seems a waste of time. My husband would probably be better off getting a deal with a different devil. Kon was definitely stronger.

Kishibes Meeting Makima Intriguing

Kishibe will test Denji and Power as well as their skills in battle with Katana Man and Sawatari. Makima admits hes gotten closer to them, says hes wary of dealing with possible deaths.

Kishibe calls out Makima on the fact that she knew very likely about the Yakuzas attack on the divisions. Hell give her a pass as long as she works for the betterment of humanity, says he. LIVE he talks to say she only wants to protect as many from devils as possible and how getting more publicity to Division 4 allows them more freedom for future battles.

But Kishibe doesnt think a word she said, which is intriguing. Didn’t think she really wanted her to be. She has multiple contracts with some high-level devils, can even kill people from far away. But we dont know who these devils are, the degree of her power, or why her eyes resemble Fiends eyes more than human eyes.

Makima Meets With Yakuza & Displays More of Her Powers

All the time, we get another glimpse of our strength as Makima gets ready for the summit Isla and Yakuza leaders. He says Sawatari, Katana Man are working on themselves without permission – fine if they and cohorts get lessons. Someday, they all paid the Gun Devil a lot of money to get guns on hand, also good for the gun industry. Gun Devil – a secret weapon which hasnt been seen since killing millions, is still running off behind the scenes.

Makima wants Yakuza leader to also report on all family outside his organization that have signed deals with the Gun Devil. But he says if they do that there will be a major war that could wipe them out, opening the doors for Soviet, Chinese mobs to infiltrate Japan.

But Makima is still chasing a few of those. Shes somehow acquired a family member of every room’s house, and will return the eye only if they cooperate. (This was evidently an activity of a Devil thats part of Public Safety).

Bleeding Nose Is Clue

Yakuza group threatens Makima, nose starts bleeding, pass out (or die) She doesnt even have to make an attempt, it just happens soon.

Similar incident happens while Aki confronts group of people on his way to challenge Sawatari. And the anime notes that Makima’s also also did. But how? Perhaps we could have both connected through the Future Devil, or maybe she was indeed the Future Devil. But later we learn about the Future Devils power, and not that.

Group 4 Meets New Members

The anime also introduces a few more division 4 members (theres a lot more going on in this group than I had guessed!) But they are so dangerous that Kishibe tells police to take them out if they escape, because they can have more casualties than the terrorists theyre hunting. (On this page, we’ll also see that Fiends and Devils didnt know each other before their zombie battle)

First we find the Shark Fiend, who can swim through any surface, take on the form of the Shark Devil.

Next is the series opening song, Violence Fiend. Im guessing hell can play bigger role in the future. Stranger: Devil form took over humans body, and no longer his strength. Undoubtedly, he must wear a mask that provides poison gas. (Im guessing the mask keeps him a little weaker? Or is some kind of failsafe?)

Division 4 somehow also has some devils that it allows loose to fight, rather than keep them locked up. One is the Spider Devil who typically takes his own body back to him. Kishibe says humanoid devils tend to be friendly but still devils at the end of the day.

And finally, we meet one other Devil that did not shine in the opening sequence: the Angel Devil. This devil is actually actually friendly towards humans, but touching it can cause a person to lose a lot of their life.

Aki makes headlines with Sawatari at end of episode. Hmmm, that seems she has the Ghost Devil at her disposal (perhaps because the Snake Devil had eaten the Ghost Devil?) The episode ends with Ghost Devil squeezing Aki’s life, wondering if hes going to live or die. Personally, I think he will live and maybe Himenos spirit within Ghost Devil will have to allow Aki to drop. Or a person else, like Denji, can rescue him just in time.

Its hard to believe theres only one episode left after this. But Episode 11 was very enjoyable, with quite a bit of world building and a deeper mystery surrounding Makima.

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