Another World Series: Rick and Michonne Spin-Off

Inside The Walking: Rick and Michonne, we got a glimpse at what they are up to.

While we did a glimpse into what Rick and Michonne are up to in The Walking Dead’s final episode, actress Danai Gurira revealed that the beloved couples spin-off show will be set in another world.

Michonne actress spoke on Deadline podcast as she hinted the setting of the new yet-unnamed spin-off to be both familiar and exotic.

[The new series is] very deeply embedded in a world that we know of, then and then another that we dont know yet, she told the hosts.

Danai also detailed the love story that many fans will love. She also tries to have it as an epic love story.

Its definitely definitely a very good story for her, she says. Its very profound in the world we know and then in another world that we still need to know. I think its going to be it has all the things that have kept the Walking Dead really interesting to watch so you know, in terms of these characters and this very particular world, and the action that this world demands to survive. And simultaneously, your know, its deeply intimate and really has a deeper connection to the story. So yeah, I think it will be much fun to see. In my eyes, this is the day I hope.

Someplace you may remember inexperienced Michonnes disappearance. Michonne (his love interest and mother of youngest child) refused to believe he died after Rick was injured, presumed dead. She had to wait until he was still alive but captured, so she set off to hunt him.

The Walking Deads decided to create a spin-off series featuring both Rick and Michonne. This storyline was originally set to be featured in a trilogy of Rick Grimes movies, but creators chose instead. Daryl Dixon’s co-star Reedus also calls for a different spin-off move than the original series.

Fans looked at Rick, Michonne in the final episode (Season 11, Episode 24) as their search for each other continued. With word of a epic love story,m Id say its a pretty safe bet to say they found each other.

Rick and Michonne spin-off still has no official name, but expected to release some time in 2023.

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