Arknights Rendering Echoes: New Adventures, Events and Operators

YoStar launches new Lingering Echoes update to strategic mobile RPG Arknights just ahead of end-of-year season This update has three new owners, three new outfits, new themed furniture sets, rewards and more. []Semaines on major components of this update

YoStar launching Lingering Echoes on their strategic mobile RPG Arknights just in time for end-of-year season This update features three new players, three new outfits, new themed furniture sets, rewards and more. Heres an overview of the key components of this update:

Lingering Echoes Event Details

The story takes place at Leithanien, which has flooded the shore of Rhodes island due to recent infected people there healing themselves. In the meantime, the famous infected composer Czerny will stage a farewell concert in which Ebenholz and Kreide will discover a story of intrigue, fear, resistance.

Lingering Echoes lasts until 10 January 2023 (UTC-7), second phase Back Alleys will be live from 3 Jan 2023 (UTC-7).

5-star Czerny to be added as bonus operator to event only for limited time Composers Mailbox allows medics to also get a new set of furniture, Afterglow-Styled Music Room and more including Headhunting Permit, Elite Materials, LMD, Battle Records and Furniture Parts.

Epic 6 Star Caster EbenholzEbenholz is a6-star Mystic 5Factor who’s passionate about Damage Per Second His attacks deal Arts damage to one target Ebenholz periodically stores and stores the attacks, up to a maximum of three when not attacking, and all of the stored attacks will be released simultaneously at the next time he attacks, and the damage comes with a burst of four hits! Ebenholz to give himself opportunities especially when doctors face tough enemies5-star MedicHibiscus the Purifier Sometimes she will attack enemies instead of healing friends -what defines her as Incantation Medic Hibiscus is becoming her full circle and has increased her strength and will now boost Efficacy of her attacks5-star Defender: CzernyCzerny is a renowned arts protection who is redeemable in this event. Hes second ability opens up more attacks than others and kicks enemies back with strong attacks, which certainly makes him a good defender worth obtaining

Achievement Star Collection New Arrivals at Outfit StoreAlso, New Arrivals Includes Flametail, Light Gun Adjuster for Aosta and Trendsetting Player for Kirara