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Totoro capsules treasure as much as whats inside, instead of a plastic ball youll throw away.

This Totoro capsules are something youll treasure as much as the hidden objects in them instead of a plastic ball youll throw away.

Japan in golden age for capsule toys, has unprecedented number of cool, cute, and quirky trinkets on randomize offer for just a few hundred yen But finally when buying a capsule toy it was really just the toy part that came up with the interest!

But today saw a new series of gacha-style goodies where the capsule itself is a prize to cherish, because the capsule is none other than Totoro!

Studio Ghibli specializary Donguri Kyowakoku flies in to get them advertised as a popular Totoro merch fan All four are all made up of four designs, each with different buddies at the top of the gray big Totoros head.

Blue mid-sized Totoro Theres Mei

Two tiny white Totoros, soot sprite, frog

That’s another good reason to revisit it if, as mine, you don’t even remember the frog from Totoro

Each of the big Totoro designs also has its own eyes pointing in a different direction, giving each their own sense of personality

To let the toy youve got into running again, youve got to pack up and put up to the full end to keep the top of the capsule with all the ties, together with the topper figure.

Other Cooler feature is that In-store Donguri Kyowakokus capsule machines look like trees so when your Totoro capsule drops down it feels like Totoro is popping out of the forest to say hi.

Totoro capsules have a nice soft-touch material, really – what should I offer?

Donguri Kyowakoku stores sell to the store of 500 yen (US$3.80) to pick up one of the new Totoro finger puppets also.

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