BlackRock Shooter Dawn Fall Episode 12 Recap, Review

This is a recap and review of Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall Final Season 1 on the PSA.

Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall Final Episode Episode 1: Preview And Revealing On Hulu And Disney Plus.

This Episode, Empress Last Stand to defend earth!

Spoilers to follow!

Episode begins with continued dialogue between Artemis/Lunatic and Empress. Lunatic informs Empress about 5000 moon flakes launching toward Earth. Shell give humanity hope as Empress says if she can stop at least one striking ground.

Colonel goes on rampage, rescues dozens of robots but Charlottes overshadows him. Colonel slaps in the gut as rushing to save her back. Upon death, Charlotte destroys all the robots, begins to take Colonel off the field. Colonel sends Charlotte to retrieve gun from truck to get her away from him for gun shooter (forcing her to leave him and save herself).

Miya and Noriko run into Monika meanwhile. Other parties agree to take Noriko to help salvage ammo for the humans, leaving Miya behind. Charlotte goes to court and convince her to leave Colonels body.

Dead Master, Strength part ways as Dead Master can help Empress get to the elevator, letting strength work out!.

Black Trike blasted into arche ocean as Empress blazes overdrive key in rage. Lunatic still gets her butt, but Dead Master rebuts – the ray of bullets. Dead Master admits love for Empress, Lunatic disintegrates.

Lunatic gloats about her body as moon flakes strike the ground, how her real body is on the moon.

Empress blows Lunatic apart, wrecks herself in final form using overdrive key. She sees friends on ridge, bringing them moments of joy reliving their lives before she dies. Artemis talks to her on moon for our benefit, explaining 70% of earth was destroyed in her bombing.

Fifty years later, we see something we see as a child Dead Master and a child Strength (clones?) playing catch on a snowy beach. Charlotte looks looking cute for a 65-year-old (must be those Hemiteos mods).

Black Trikes A.I. personality uploads into space ship at new Kennedy Space Centre. Growing-up Noriko commands mission inside. Miya prepares for first mission: doctor Monika. Monika gives Charlotte a callsign for the mission Temperance, Miya gives Fortune.

This is their plan to displace the moon’s base. Their way through space gigantes, Black Trike takes out with plasma blast, but her later damaged. Empress somehow arrives to the rescue and sees it halted.

Was the biggest frustration in my life. No answers regarding how humanity has the technology to build this advanced ship, when the bombardment would have near-destroyed the earth. No problem in the Mini Dead Master and Strength!. Where did Monika get her doctorate? How did Empress come back?

Im guessing that they plan to start more episodes? If not, this is an entirely unfavorable ending. If so, the better I can afford a season, I should never consider returning to the end. Perhaps more is being planned for Disney +/Hulu at least as it doesnt make a comeback after one season, because it is all that hard to do.

Overall, in terms of the twelve episodes in general, the show clearly improves as it moves along, with some episodes that were quite enthralling. Between the ladies and the fight scenes, butt in the short, casual humourous exchanges, and the emotional detail of the storyline with Charlotte and Colonel, I did enjoy the cast as well. Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall was a decent, fast-paced, entertaining show that has its flaws but doesnt take itself too seriously. Id watch second season but im not dying in anticipation for next one.

What did you think of the show?