Christmas special for Eevee-loving kid gets gift from Pokemon fans for Hospitalized Japan mom

Let's help Eevee save Christmas

Let’s help Eevee save Christmas

Christmas is the most exciting day of the year to be in public, but unfortunately health issues usually arent too long to check the calendar before it appears. So while most people hang ornaments on trees, shopping for last minute gifts, or eating cups of warm eggnog, some people will be spending holiday season in hospital

One such person is Japanese Twitter user @noel_bonnie517, also the mother of a 3-year-old @noel_bonnie517s timing means shes unable to do anything special for the little tyke on Christmas, and where Pokemon fan community can help out, the mom recently tweeted

Ask someone with Eevee in their home, see some questions – ask –

Would you like me to send me Eevee pictures for my 3 year old whose favorite Pokemon is Eevee? Eevee stuffed animals, toys, video game screenshots, everything is fine

I want to send their kids a lot of Eevee [pictures] to my kid since im on Christmas My three-year-old does their best and won’t cry, so if anyone can help, Id really appreciate it.

@3y (@noel_bonnie517) Dec 21, 2022

We can personally show ourselves how we come across the Eevee Outbreak event, Eevee mailbox, we can also see the Gen-I Pocket Monster which we can test in our lives. Japan fans respond via @noel_bonnie517s tweet with their trove of pictures and memories, so i hope Eevee can add to its ability list making one childs Christmas very special

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