Crazy Gimmick That Most Works In Kaleidoscope Review

Netflix's top streaming service of the year, a certain reason Netflix only releases a wide array of content every week when other streaming services get it hard to release something every month. Not everything is a knock out, of course, but that’s how they keep the story running. Kaleidoscope Review: A Crazy Gimmick That Most Works Read More

Netflix has been calling number 1-only streaming service since 2003. Netflix just releases a handful of content every week when other streaming services have a hard time releasing something each month. Not everything is a knock-out, of course, but that’s how they keep the people involved. From America, the globe, there are numerous other options for you to see. If you dont like one thing, there are tons of options that you can see. Netflixs new Kaleidoscope: One That Wants A Different In Each Medium.

Hollywood’s Eric Garcia designed many films in his career on TV series Kaleidoscope. The show also counts Ridley Scott as one of its executive producers. Giancarlo Esposito, Rufus Sewell, Paz Vega, Rosaline Elbay, Jai Courtney, Tati Gabrielle, and Peter Mark Kendall to star in The Show. The series tells story of Leo Pap, who escaped from prison to commit one last heist against his greatest enemy. To do this, he will recruit some others with their own stories.

The first thing to speak about Kaleidoscope is its presentation. The show takes the format of a normal TV show, adds a gimmick to it. The series episodes not numbered, but color-coded, you see. Netflix tells every viewer of the show to watch episodes in different order as there is no way to watch the show. Some people will watch Violet first, others will watch Yellow first. Created by creators, that allows each viewer to have different experience and yet also experience the same story – however, like they do.

Which Is Better Heist Show Between Money Heist vs Kaleidoscope?

All the gimmicky stuff looks good and quite pronounced. Gimmicks can give a whole new feel to the experience, a book, a show or even a video game. GImmicks can be mild, are mostly empty of meaning but mostly the gimmicks. Kaleidoscope – similar story. Because the story we hear here is pretty simple. All the time we are dealing with a classic heist tale, nothing more or less than that. The result is a story we have seen numerous times before, with all its twists and turns.

Does the color coding add another to the show? Not really. It is just fun thing to do, but every episode feels like part of the same story and nothing else. Nonlinear storytelling was something new and new from a couple of decades ago, but not anymore. Even Quentin Tarantino, whose style came from early 90s, sticks to his latest films, opting for something more linear and less twisted.

All in all is just a very entertaining heist movie, not more than that. Because we are talking about eight episodes trying to do something that movies do very well in about two hours. It is not surprising that the show feels a little slower and like it is just rolling around in circles for a while. No-one has to speak about what happens to many episodes. The series still feels as though it has to be six full episodes – for example, that is an extensive flashback of the main characters.

The cast has great potential. Giancarlo Esposito directs the show at the central level. The actor is always a pleasure to watch but has mostly served in supporting roles, but most often, he has served in supporting roles. Great to see him grow up his game, basically become a main character in the story. Paz Vega also gives the best impression by playing one of those cool characters that everyone wants to be in real life. Courtney on the other hand delivers lots of work to the story but does a much more mundane role of Captain Boomerang, gone too early from us in our latest Suicide Squad.

Visually it also shows that Netflix look also with set and exteriors with maybe a bit too much illumination. It makes things look certainly not real or at least not part of this world, but not in a fashionistic way. Shame. It would have been cool if narrative gimmick had also been translated into visuals that felt more experimental. Everything is actually done with a very effective but boring way. At least it is consistent, so not only on the visuals, but on the story side.

Kaleidoscope lays out something different but should be applauded for it in short. Does the gimmick add to anything? Not really, sometimes it becomes too predictable on its non-linear storyline. The show is a bit of an introduction to Esposito on the first day of the new year, although generic. The show remains entertaining and an excellent watch.

SCORE: 7/10