Dutton Sr. et Jr. is Jack Dutton? Explained: Who Is Dutton to 1923?

Yellowstone became one of the most prominent TV show ever since its debut Two separate prequel shows have already taken off, focusing on older generations of Dutton family Our family has now been covering around 150 years of its history, with its kind of hard working Who Heis Jack Dutton to John Dutton Sr., Jr. in 1923? Explained Read More

Yellowstone became one of the popular TV shows at the time. The new prequel episode already focuses on the early generation of the Dutton family. Close to 150 years of family history, its kind of hard to stay on the family tree – seeing that. Who is Jack Dutton to John Dutton Sr., Jr., III?

Jack Dutton is son of John Dutton Sr. and wife Emma. Jack and wife Liz Strafford to have son and name him after grandfather, John Dutton Jr. Jack is John Sr.s son, John Jr.s father, John IIIs grandfather.

More family ties to explore, not official confirmation of this family tree, so if youe watching 1923 as it unfolds, theres still no official confirmation of this family tree, as Jack and his wife-to-be still have no children. Im guessing they will have a child before the season ends but remains to be seen. Looking at the family of Dutton over the years, look at the issues.

Who is Jack Dutton to John Dutton Sr.?

Jack Dutton is the first star in the new Sheridanverse, set up between the previously-released two episodes. John Dutton Sr. is still looking at who Jack is but let us back to 1883.

James Dutton loses daughter Elsa to poisoned arrow at end of show, leaving them with boys, John Sr. and Spencer.

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Both Margaret and James died a few years later in just a few days, leaving them in the back end. They almost feed to death before Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) and Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) take over the ranch and bring the boys in to be raised as their own kids.

Where was John Dutton Sr. in 1923?

Fast forward to 1923, both John Dutton Sr. and Spencer Dutton grow. Spencer, war veteran, now lives as a big game hunter in Africa, back from a farm to help as Jacobs right hand keeper.

In mid-Twenties, John Sr. and Emma have grown son Jack Dutton.

Who is Jack Dutton to John Dutton III?

Fans assumed that John Dutton Jr. would be Yellowstones, John Dutton IIIs (Kevin Costner) granddaughter, or John Dutton II.

[SPOILERS!] There is generally no legal hurdle for it to happen in the moment, as John Dutton Sr., his wife only had Jack and John died in 1923 after a gun battle with sheepherders.

We return to Jack, his smallest son. Jack already engaged to Elizabeth Liz Strafford, great-uncle Jacob already jokes about Liz being pregnant with Jacks child in Episode 1.

That joke was never confirmed nor denied, but its obvious the couple will marry at some point in the season, Liz will get pregnant, give birth to a son. Jack to name son John Dutton Jr. for late father, John Dutton II.

Hell have at least two children Peter Dutton and Kevin Costners character in Yellowstone, back then when John Jr. grows up and has a wife of his own.

Jack Dutton was John Dutton IIIs grandfather not John Dutton Sr. as it was previously believed. Dutton line moves up John Sr. Jack John Jr. John III to make it as simple as possible.

Does Jack Dutton die in 1923?

Another common question I continue to ask, whether Jack Dutton died in 1923. Well, there is still no answer to the issue as the show still releasing one episode at a time, but it seems unlikely that Jack will die so soon at least not in Season 1.

Weve already had a major death in John Dutton Sr.s murder, Jacob Dutton, also getting older is also badly injured in the gunfight, might not pass away soon. So killing off Jack so quickly would also be a long process.

Taylor Sheridan can make the best of that. Jack needs to live enough for father John Dutton Jr. to live for John III. Lizs pregnancy jokes not too much, it might be possible she and Jack will have a son sooner or later, making Jack eligible for being killed off.

Only time will tell, but the truth is that, I guess.

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Who are parents of John Dutton III?

On the last note, several of us ask ourselves who John Dutton IIIs parents are. Our mother is John Dutton Jr, we know he was son, but who is his father?

I hate to make it to you but we are not alone in my life. John Jr.s wife (John III mother) name not confirmed at show, at least not so far. Maybe in Season 2 of 1923, or well even get a whole new spin-off series after 1923, which focused on the particular generation of the Duttons somewhere in the 1950s.

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