Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained: The Duttons Give Their Own Retribution

Best of the best Yellowstone Show, created by Taylor Sheridan, welcome to the Recap & Ending Explained for Episode 3 of 1923 The War Has Come Home - Episode 3, The War Could Be Becoming 1923 Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained: The Duttons Get Their Own Retribution Read More

Thanks for supporting the fantastic Yellowstone show created by Taylor Sheridan, and it is in a great series and it really continues to amplify the excitement at the Recap& Ending. War Come Home Episode 3 Shows What Could Be considered the end to the first act of the season. And what an ending! Season turns wild at this point, and it will be really fascinating to see how these episodes end up spreading and damaging to the characters and their stories.

Past episode: “Patron of family’s Jacob Dutton’s creations enemy when trying to protect his land from trespassing of others”. Les trespassers allotted a shepherd. The shepherds thought they would just slip into Yellowstone territory and spend all their time on pasture. Yellowstone cowboys had heightened demand when caught in act on fire at Dutton. Jacob hanged some of them, banner survives.

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The War Has Come Home Episode 3 (1923 – The following paragraphs. Read at your own risk.

African Continent Shows True Colors

The episode focuses on two main storylines: one with Jacob, Montana ranch, and another with Spencer and her new girlfriend Alexandra. This storyline takes a twist in a very romantic and old-fashioned style that feels like fresh in comparison to what we see on television today. The pair met in the previous episode, both fell apart instantly. Alexandra already engaged to another man but is the third person. She quit this man and decided to follow Spencer, who was headed to his next gig.

It starts with Alexandra showing their way to Africa as they spend the night together. Darwin says we had gotten from monkeys, Africa may have been cradle of human. Spencer doesnt know if that is true, but he says she says we have been here since a long time, even when the soil was just lava. Spender now refers to Alexandra as Alex, asks she wants to see footprints of those ancient men, accepts.

They go together in their SUV, and soon they see the footprints. Children’s footprints look similar to those created on the stone. It is a magical sight that makes Alex feel small, and she realizes that our time on Earth is just a glimpse. Spencer asks Alex marry him, says she accepts. They don’t have time to play games; if they want to love each other, they should do it fully. Elephant attacked on their way back, Spencer must kill to escape.

They are still in a quite pickle but the car doesnt work anymore; so need to get somewhere high before night arrives. Spencer warns Alex it may not be high enough. Early predators will soon come to eat dead elephant, and may be next on the menu. Alex terrorizes, many other lions, some hyenas arrive as well. The tree and attack, they realize. Spencer kills some of them until help arrives.

Alex says she felt like her dying in the eye, didnt feel alive; she felt terrified and doesnt want to feel like that ever again. Spencer argues that it didnt take his own work to feel alive after meeting her again. Spencer says his parents will love her, Alex says that his family will hate him.

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War Come To Yellowstone Ranch

Jacob, rest of cowboys return from expedition and hang the shepherds. Liz sees Jack arrive, gets very happy. Whole family decides to travel to city to relax some. Men, cowboys see glimpse of the future there. Electric appliances, Washing Machines – Cowboys not convinced. They say they dont need them, and working to rent these items then will just end up being electric workers.

Jacob says he has climbed Banner, his men, goes to police. Later, he goes back to Cara and his family and informs them they will be spending the night in the city. Jack, Liz go to bar to have sex, so they end up having sex, Liz promised she would wait until after their marriage. Banner returns to his home for another shepherd to do their jobs. He to take war to Jacobs home, no mercy.

Duttons lose out on the ranch next morning on their way to the ranch. Two of the men cling to the crime, and a vicious gunfight ensues. Tommy gun shows Banner, shoots, kills John Dutton, hurts Jacob. Cara shoots one shotgun, kills last of Banners men, saves cowboys from ranch. Jack, Liz also injured in shooting. It is a big blow for the family. They take Jacob to the ranch.

Doctor arrives once there. Jacob tells Cara he is dead, nobody out of family should know he has died. If they know, they will go for the ranch, bankers, miners and more. Cara says she must bring Spencer home. It’s time for him to take his job as a leader of the ranch and to protect it at all costs. Cara accepts, and ends with Cara writing to Spencer about John’s mort, Jacob’s death. All of that line isn’t a coincidence with Spencer and Alex wanting to settle down and the ranch needing Spencer back in the fold.