Fake Dress Shirt For Remote Work

Practical, easy to wearand stylish? What is more?

Practical, Easy to wearand stylish? What more could you expect from a work shirt?

Working remotely seemed like a luxury with a lucky few before the pandemic hit. But in a post-pandemic world, teleworking is a standard and has unique ways to work remotely. Want to hold a serious budget meeting surrounded by cats? Thats something. Fancy calling your boss from the top of a ferris wheel? And thats a thing too.

All these fun ways to enjoy working remotely, but you could also guess it. Wasai’s reporter found unique looking listing online shirt that was called perfect for remote work.

Sleeves and body of shirt not included.

Look at this one but you may also think that this is a joke product since there are no sleeves or even a torso section to this shirt, which is called the Fake Dress Shirt. If any, it looks more like a bib.

But Yuichiro stands down to say of certain that this shirt works, undoubtedly, unquestionably.

No, this isnt a picture of Harry Styles its actually our reporter Yuichiro!

No no! Stay with us on this one. Yuichiro says many reading it are firmly in no way camp, but hes determined to show off how fun the Fake Dress Shirt is.

This Shirt, that doesnt slip onto your backs for the start, is very easy to wear, and doesnt stick with its perks. Minor fabric coverage, minimal office-casual vibes. It covers the absolute minimum, gets the job done without any other looseness, like sleeves.

Yuichiros arms, torso may be completely exposed but chest area is closely guarded. Jerror, Yuichiro felt like it had been more analytic to sit at a hard work meeting with nipples exposed, so that’s why this shirt had a nice twist.

Its also a very well tailored hat as well as a business suit on the website. To the casual eye, you wouldnt be able to tell that under that jacket, Yuichiros arms, torso were completely bare!

Our meetings not usually have strict dress rules, as you can see from the other attendees. But clothes make the man, Yuichiro feel stronger and confident wearing a suit as they say. He spoke more, his speeches felt more professional and important, the overall atmosphere at the meeting felt more relaxed and very positive.

Fake Dress Shirt Has Been Here Out Of The Test, Probably No.1 Yuichiro To Drive The Work

FABILTY FABILTY Shirt: Looks like without jacket!

It worked on the same level as expected, given that Yuichiro kept his camera at just right angle and didnt use his arms to gesture. He could take part in meeting without losing any of his debonair pizzazz, or sense of authority.

Of course when working at home it’s important to get up and start the week, and thankfully the Fake Dress Shirt allows you to do whatever you need.

No longer have to be caged with oppressive, tight sleeve fabric; you can swig a cup of coffee just like God knew!

Do you need to take phone call while leaning off a wall? No problem!

No need to worry about all-night lunch, especially when most of it doesnt even exist!

On the Fake Dress Shirt you can enjoy a spot of photography.

If just a light yoga, let me just start! Never let a real business shirt be worn.

Fake Dress Shirt is perfect for anyone who calls for remote work, but only on the downside is that it took up to 12 weeks to arrive after it had been ordered. Fake Dress Shirt to arrive at Yuichiros house took just over three weeks, which was perhaps due to the high demand for the product.

Fake Dress Shirt Costs 1,980 Yen (US$15) and can be ordered online from Rakuten here. These shirts are ideal especially for those on the go, particularly for those who arent at hotter climates. Check out these business pajamas for those of us in slightly chillier regions, who like something a little cooler than their usual!