fox-fun Merry Christmas!

We wish all our readers happy holidays

Merry holidays to all our readers!

Japan celebrates Christmas at its second largest eve with a big splash of cool people!

Were on the way to check under the tree to see what Santa brought us and were back on the way to doing our full days schedule, starting with volunteering to help Mr. Sato eat all the snacks in his insanely big Christmas stocking. After that we just have to take some time from the Japanese granny mandarin orange peeling process, and have to dig out the opportunity to get back to Takadanobaba Mister Donut while esquires its Pokemon themed interior.

Right away, we already got the number-one thing on our wish list for this year in October with full Japan reopening to international tourism. Some of you probably right in the middle of your first trip to Japan in quite a while, or maybe even ever, and we hope youre finding it was more than worth the wait.

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