Happy 2023: Merry Christmas, Merry 2023

So we see ourselves nearing an early year celebration of its imminent end with some Christmas cheer. I hope yours is full of happiness, laughter, goodwill irrespective of the holiday. Perhaps more important, I hope it will provide some much needed respite as you dive []

So today, on the road past a year’s end, we hit a Christmas holiday break I hope yours is full of happiness, laughter, goodwill, whenever you choose to celebrate Christmas and New Year Perhaps and perhaps more importantly, I hope the weekend brings some more needed respite as you dive into all-time long days of the year, hopefully causing to a more prosperous 2023.

Other complicated year to navigate This started with a big COVID-19 lockdown in Queensland that saw schools and workplaces shut down, there was juggling of additional work demands/demands, health problems and unfortunately more than a few deaths of family and friends. But in the same year, opportunities filled with opportunities and I must thank all of the people I have worked with for making them possible.

I hope 2023 provides many new opportunities, personal successes from that promotion you have been wanting to see to something as simple as just getting some extra time to sit down and play a video game you have been waiting to play for the longest time. If you decide to 365 days, I hope they will be good for you!

This comes from so talented Japanese artist Mutou Mato (that I shared with on this sites 15th Anniversary artworks). Hmm, isn’t she brisk in reindeer outfit?! Santa’s work life surely won’t be easier in cuteness department =,= Please attend Q&A session with the artist in the coming days – thank you for booking.

Many thanks to all who joined me on Otakus Study this year More plans are already coming in 2023, and I look forward to continuing to explore this labyrinth of fandom with you

Your Christmas: Merry to you, to everyone you love!