Happy New Year: Heres the year to remember!

2022 An difficult year Far too many abrupt, final goodbyes, world turmoil and stressful moments On the other hand, it served as a year filled with opportunities, cases of success and joy The fandom labyrinth is an interesting addition to our year-round collection of movies

Towards 2022 An edgy 2022 Fast too many abrupt and final goodbyes, worldwide turmoil, stress-laden moments On the other hand, it served as a year of opportunities, successes and joys. Overall good year combines strong selection of new releases for fandom labyrinth as we delve further

If you do not have enough to live up to, be sure to give it a go at being a year to remember for all the best reasons possible.

Wishful New Year to everyone Whether you have tuned in regularly to get new reviews, have worked with me in professional terms or any other reason I am ecstatic to have had you aboard for another year, and look forward to continuing to explore the labyrinth of fandom with you into 2023

The Otakus Studys 16th Anniversary Artwork I commissioned from Naka earlier this year, that provided our named debut for our mascot character, Rune.