Here are Japan’s most-sung karaoke songs in 2022 from Karaoke system Joysound

Want to know who is singing for Japan? Joysound knows.

Want to know what Japanese singers? Joysound works, believes

Karaoke also makes time for a great way to express and socialise with other karaoke-goers (or solo if thats more your jam). karaoke booths consoles offer you some idea of what songs you want to get. Most of them also have rankings and recent search history. Joysound, one of Japan’s biggest karaoke providers, is helping customers get their records accurate and concise about which songs were on this year’s record -best of 2022 Top 10 Most-Sung Songs on Joysound System this Year

Dried Flowers (Yuri)

Dried Flowers triggers Yuris’ rise to fame, official music video currently has 115 million views on YouTube Joysounds annual ranking marks second year in row Dried Flowers Here are also English and Chinese versions of this year hit, so check out music streaming sites if you havent already!


Cinderella Boy came to the eye on the younger generation as the track went viral on social media sites like TikTok, Instagram Recording Videos Recordings: Dried Flowers, Suiheisen In Music Video Up To 68 mln Views

Suiheisen (Back Number)

Suiheisen up from fifteenth place last year to second place in 2022 Video video is now more popular on streaming site than Dried Flowers

Marigold (Aimyon)

Aimyons Marigold climbed from seventh place last year to strong fourth spot this year This is pretty impressive considering it was released four years ago This video on YouTube has over 293 mln views, which is 100 mln more than Back Numbers Suiheisen

Cruel Angels Thesis (Yoko Takahashi)

Joysounds 30 years of operation features a fifth most-sung track along with its overall most-sung track If you want instant popularity, the next chant isnt good at getting this done. Joysound System Developed for 27 Years And, at this years Joysound Awards Ceremony She sang it so far, as shown above!

Betelgeuse (Yuri) Maho no Jutan (Takaya Kawasaki) Aimer: Zankyosanka Citrus (Da-iCE) Sayonara Elegy (Masaki Suda)

Also next time you dont know what songs you can learn for karaoke in Japan, try having one or all of them as you want. Youll have the whole room singing along in no time. Make it into a concert if you want karaoke world a must

Source: PR Times, Joysound Top image: PR Times