Hey Croatian taxi driver, you get to best strukli in Zagreb

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International world often overlooked Croatia after FiFA World Cup semi-finals Ikuna Kamezawa recently visited Balkan country for first time last summer, found beautiful place for pasta noodles and ramen dish; she also discovered the wonders of using pasta noodles for ramen sauce.

Croatia’s Ikuna had another exciting food-based experience in Zagreb This time, she hopped in a taxi and asked the driver to take her to the best strukli (a traditional Croatian dish) in the area but the result wasnt quite the same she did expect.

Zagreb lacks buses just driving, downtown not as densely populated as many other European cities Ikuna didnt want to use an Uber, because it fit in our theme of asking taxi drivers for recommendations. So she asked a passerby to direct her to a taxi stand

She never spent any time climbing in the first taxi, asking the driver to take her to the best strukli in the area. But to her shame, he simply turned around and said: Just walk!

Ikuna had never been denied by a taxi driver before, thus this relationship in a foreign country she wasnt familiar with, scared her a bit. Driver began not saying he had asked her to give him his phone. Cars cant drive on these roads, dont have to walk, he said

Linging heart slowed in chest as she realized taxi driver was not so much He even told her directions to the restaurant After initial stab of fear she felt, his kindness really touched her

Croatians really nice, she thought as she followed instructions, soon approached a tourist place where she spotted a rare Zagreb crowd

Her route took her down a small alley filled with restaurants

La Struk, driver’s recommendation, came out

Inside looked modest with only 10 seats around, but Ikuna quickly learned the building was built like a row house, and there were more seats in the back. Still, hours in advance and all staff were full When you want to eat here, it would be better to avoid peak times to miss the crowds.

Ikuna had to figure out how tidal menu was so she decided to try the most expensive strukli and whatever beer she would buy Obviously, strukli can take 20 or more minutes to cook, so Ikuna settled into waiting

After 30 minutes of leisure drinking, after 30 minutes

Lies back!

C’est the Truffle Strukli, which cost 45 kuna, or 863 yen (6 US$6.33)

Ikunas first time ever eating strukli for her first time, so there was a simple understanding of it as a dish made with dough and various types of filling. What she received looked like lasagna She didnt know at the time that strukli is often considered a kind of lasagna.

Tulps were almost irritating as it waved up from the sizzling hot cast iron dish; absolutely mouthwatering Ikuna tried to dig into and scoop off the generous amount of support but they were only giving her a fork and a knife; then she had to do it in the local way. After eating some of the pasta, truffle cheese mix, she picked up some

It almost feels like eating tofu!! she thought, shocked.

Some of Japan’s most popular family restaurants have similar flavor notes but texture looked like eating a very firm and low-water content tofu, or even udon noodles.

strukli is dough made from flour layered with cottage cheese and other ingredients. Its pretty, but when Ikuna ate hers, it started to get just the faintest bit of spice.

Particular strukli had a good truffle flavoured and Ikuna believed that it was so good. The portion was huge so if you decide to stay, you might want to share one plate with a couple or to have some leftovers in the next couple days.

Ikuna didnt have to take taxi ride to get there, and glad shed asked Croatian taxi driver for his advice, no matter who country shes in, they always enjoy eating where locals eat

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