How hard is a hug when youre in the office at fox-fun?Experiment

P.K. feels cold, wants to warm up?

P.K feeling cold but willing to warm up?

One drawback though: Its pretty drafty, and because of that, our writing team dressed in warm clothing at this time of year.

But you know whats even more warm and cozy than a hoodie from Uniqlos Shinjuku shop, or even a cashmere sweater from Shinjuku Gucci store? Jade friend gave excellent big hug – but so remorse was what our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun’s recent afternoon.

So he started looking around the room and wondered who would give him a hug if he asked?

P.K. (bottom right) and his coworkers wanted hugs from his side

Japan’s hugs aren’t particularly common, must be said. Japanese society general focuses its not just on physical displays of affection, even at the platonic stage. Well, this play in the end to be pretty low-percentage getting into the office and going on the phone.

P.K. was worried if he told everyone he wanted a hug for the sake of an article, all hed get would be business hugs, embraces of the professional kind that lack the sort of warming effect he wanted. And instead of going from desk to desk, asking without any sort of preamble:

Im really cold so will you hug me?

Here’s how that plan went.

Mr Sato: Good hug!

With his zany stances, we often fail to predict how our ace reporter Mr. Sato will react in a certain set of circumstances. However, upon this day he was all cheerful about his satisfaction. I thought of begging anyone for hugs too! P.K. said as he embraced.

Go Hatori: Mediocre hug

Gos response a much larger lie down, contrasting to Mr Satos all-in attitude. He didnt so much put his arms around P.K. as slip his forearms around his shoulder blades, almost like a boxer clinching in the ring. P.K. had been wanting for a long time, though there was human contact.

Masanuki Sunakoma: Mediocre hug

Uh, OK, I gonna hug you now, Masanuki said as gave P.K. a quick squeeze. P.K. had hoped someone bold enough to have recently brought Super Sexy Snake and Cross Necklace to his wardrobe.

Ahiru Neko: No hug

Look, if youe not even going to make an article out of it, weren’t hugging, Ahiru Neko told P.K. flat-out. Maybe hes still snorting after P.K. threw a freshly-boiled piping hot crepe on his face though he only did it in the name of science.

Takashi Harada: Good hug

Salvation came from unexpected place as Takashi swiftly gave P.K. a warm, warm hug. Takashi had a bad feeling about that, but maybe in fact, as a former rugby player his heart burns with a smile from his workplace teammate.

Mediocre hug: Seiji Nakazawa

Seiji says: Well, everyone else is Ideally, P.K. wants hugs from people who want to hug him based entirely on his love they personally feel for him.

Yuichiro Wasai: Great hug

P.K. just wants this kind of hug! Hey, its kind of cold, so can you give me a hug? asked P.K. and within seconds Yuichiro was out of his seat, doing his best to warm up. P.K. says everyone in the world could travel to Yuichiro for a hug if theyre feeling cold.

Yoshio: Great hug

So many Yoshio, Yuichiro have exactly same birthday, even down to the same year, and P.K. couldnt help wondering if anyone born on that day is so willing to give out hugs.

All in all, P.K. went 7 for 8 – a really good hugging number for a Japanese office. Also, we wouldnt recommend doing this at most Japanese workplaces – especially if you and your coworkers still havent all already agreed to drink a love potion together -like P.K. and this group has.

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