How Much Does Mob End Up With? Tsubomi Takane

Mob Psycho 100 enriches fans with thrilling rides, fun adventures and fun fun - touching on everyday life along the way. Most curious anime fans still wonder who Mob reaches, if they could figure out who mob ends up with Who Ends Up With Mob Tsubomi Takane? Read More

Mob Psycho 100 offers fun adventures, thrilling entertainment for fans while touching on life’s everyday areas. Though Mob is dominant protagonist, many curious anime fans still wonder what Mob ends up with and if it could be Tsubomi Takane.

Mob admits his feelings for Tsubomi Takane in Mob Psycho 100, but nods romance move, says Tsubomi Takane does nothing of the same. Mob ends up with anyone romantically but do not accept himself and work on getting back on track.

Mob has fought many pitfalls, tough relationships, always gleaned to romantic relationship with Tsubomi Takane while traversing toll of challenges and difficult times. Find out all about Mobs romantic interests and lifelong relationship with Tsubomi Takane here.

Mob and Tsubomi Takanes relations

Mob Psycho 100 fans got acquainted with Tsubomi Takane Mobs crush and childhood friend since start of this amazing anime series. The two teen relationships date back to kindergarten school years, when they spent time together playing in the playground.

Pretty girl with dark black-blue hair accessorized by pink hairclip. She has quite an easy personality and has plenty of heart for her, though she seems quite a caring person and to worry about what others think of her.

Does Mob End Up With Tsubomi Takane?

The exact relationship between Mob and Tsubomi Takane felt like the room for something else despite it being like many years ago. Mob has had a close fight with Tsubomi Takane for as long as fans can remember, however its always seemed to be sided.

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The two characters continued to be close friends, with a seemingly healthy and happy relationship. So Mob would always be able to impress Tsubomi Takane with his special psychic powers on romantic issues.

She looked confused at Mob’s potential first, but not in the way it would be. Mobs special powers seem floated in Tsubomi Takane over time, rather showing interest in athletic boys who can run fast.

No one else else tried to stop Mob from trying as he continued to do anything he could to make Tsubomi Takane more interested in him. Tsubomi Takane apparently aware of Mobs feelings for Tsubomi over a month without the need to pursue any romantic relationship Throughout the series.

Mob talks to Tsubomi Takane as Mob Psycho 100 storyline develops, particularly in third season of Mob Psycho 100 anime series and at very end of manga. Tsubomi Takane gearing up to move away from Mob, telling her what he looks like with a pair of other potential suitors.

He was in love with Tsubomi Takane since he was born and dedicates tons of time to pursuit and earning her affection. Tsubomi Takane says she just doesnt feel like the same way, although its clear she really cares about Mob after such a long and happy relationship with him.

Mob is clearly angry with the situation, but uses his emotions to push himself further and grow as an individual. Mob eventually begins accepting that he and Tsubomi Takane will not have relationship that he had hoped for, at least not anytime soon, and finally ends up developing his own personality as a result.

Mob Psycho 100 results far more similar to romance in real-life that never go out as one would have been hoping for. On the plus side, epilogue shows Mob, Tsubomi Takane still maintain in contact after she closes down, showing that Tsubomi Takane does cherish their platonic bond despite rejecting Mobs love.

Mob Psycho 100: Who Ends Up With Mob?

Many anime fans disappointed by Mob, Tsubomi Takanes story, but some quick to search for further potential love interests. Alastair Emi, another Mobs fellow student at Salt Middle School, the only notable candidate.

Emi talks to Mob and asks out, Mob starts spending more time with her every day and walks home with her. However, she later uncovers that she only asked him out – not from genuine romantic interest or attraction.

Her friends drag her out as they tear her novel into tiny pieces and make a fun of her writing. Mob still defends her, gets her edge on the crowd as he’s combining abilities to help put her into play. Emi gives up great respect for Mob at this point, does not see any real romantic interest yet.

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Mob still a single young protagonist at the time of writing, concentrating on himself as he continues to grow as an individual. Mob sure to find someone great as he matures considering how amazing this interesting anime protagonist is as a friend and hero.

The mob Psycho 100 boasts fantastical elements, from distinctive superpowers to quirky and worldly characters, but there’s a solid underlying theme of self-acceptance and personal growth. Tsubomi Takane rejecting Mob, forced to accept himself may have been the best way to tie up these loose ends as a way to halt this dilemma.

To get to know about Mobs romantic interests in Mob Psycho 100, with pictures, thanks to We Got This Covered and Epic Stream. Mob has definitely experienced some quite tragic moments throughout his various relationships, from missing Dimple, to being rejected by his life-long crush, Tsubomi Takane. Mob maintains healthy and steadfast relationships as he ages, growing much happier with his close friends and altruists.