Japan constructing a Pokemon Slowpoke Park to delight fans of all ages

Prefecture that named Water/Psychic Pokemon as its governor is building him in park

It’s a park in the prefecture that names Water/Psychic Pokemon as its governor

And back in 2018, Kagawa Prefecture, on Japans Shikoku, published the cute little April Fools Day joke. Kagawa is famous for udon noodles, so much so it sometimes jokingly calls itself Udon Prefecture in tourism campaigns Kagawa adds name to Yadon/Slowpoke Prefecture, naming Slowpoke as prefectural governor

Kagawas human governor was again in charge on April 2 but the partnership between Kagawa and Slowpoke will last over the years Prefecture has Slowpoke manhole covers, Slowpoke buses, special Slowpoke food at regional airport Was next? Slowpoke Park

The new location, although it is just a rough patch of land in Kagawa, with 25,000 people, will be converted into Slowpoke Park come spring But despite its simple art concept, and not an ironclad promise of whatll be waiting at the park, the ideas it presents all look neat and plausible. Somebody might want to consider what the giant Slowpoke is like from the godzilla slide in Kanagawa; some might even be looking for them.

Cant help but please let me know when I need to go to this Definitely going to Slowpoke Park That concept art looks so cute! And totally hoping to see how your new life happens! And it really looks like Kagawa and Slowpoke are keeping their relationship on for so long.

Slowpoke park set to open in mid-April of 2023, time for spring Golden Week vacation Yeah, wait will be hard for fans, but here’s what Slowpoke will do for now: sit back and relax with silly smiles on our face

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