Japan’s Kabukicho hosts – how to get a date

One dating advice mama, hosts agree on

One piece of dating advice that mama, hosts all agree on.

Talking about how Takashi Harada says she hopes to boost relationship lead-up to Christmas, to avoid being left dateless on most romantic day in Japan.

Takashi doesnt think of himself a good guy that easily attracts women but to do that, he decided to seek advice from some of the professionals who he seems to have been alluring into the trade, then head to Tokyo’sKabukicho host clubs.

Shinjuku entrance to Kabukicho.

Takashi’s hopes that they can give him some more tips for fine tuning his own appeal – however, they would still not be able to give them some examples of the mighty power of attraction.

Takashi ever would have the same electric appeal in some gents like this?

Takashi’s reporter Mr Sato recently spoke to Smappa mate! Group, which owns bars and host clubs, was eager to help Takashi with his issues.

Takashi met with manager or mama who would be able to offer him advice on appealing from womens perspective, first stop.

Mama Haruka Sato (no relation to our Mr Sato)

Takashi: Ill tell you, if there are some specific features that make you believe this type of guy is not attractive to women?

Mama Haruka: Well its just a personal opinion, but I think most important thing to avoid is a sense of uncleanness.

Nothing unclean always leaves negative impressions, soMama Haruka, most often look at mens shoes?

MamaHaruka: Yes yes yes, I don’t. This is something I almost always watch for a moment.

Takashi: Because the shoes I wear right now are really dirtyso what you said about uncleanliness startedled me, I have to say.

Mama Haruka: The kids are notexcessivelydirty (laughs). Get rid of your white sneakers with an eraser if youre wearing white sneakers.

Takashi: Ah, thats kind advice!Hai so many other things that you consider would be ok for a man?

Mama Haruka: Other things speak only about yourself and having unbending thoughts. But first, first and foremost, a sense of cleanliness is important.

Takashi lobbies Mama Haruka for her time, and heads out on another stop, taking mental note to buy an eraser for his shoes later that day.

Takashis next meeting atBond host club was with member Mizunami.

Takashi took a seat while looking tired, uncomfortable, and somewhat intimidated by the picture-perfect specimen of a host standing next to him.

Takashi: What? Is this the smallest thing you have to say to you?

Mizunami says lack of cleanliness is not going to be due to beating.

Personal hygiene and a clean look were the top issues for us again. Others Mr Mizunami’s concerns in tackling unattractiveness included dishonesty, impoliteness, and impurety.

Takashi took all the smirks and tried to be polite, hide his scruffy sneakers, sweaty brow from Mr Mizunami as he left the building.

Final, Takashi had a chat with Mr Naruse at Awake host club.

Takashi: Does anyone find an idea that would make a man not appealing?

Mr Naruse: Well, perhaps its a lack of cleanliness.

Again??? Thought Takashi as he sweated nervously and silently berated himself for not wearing better shoes that day.

Mr Naruse went on to say:

I think it may be a bit challenging to consider yourself as a good man, as women reminisce about you. Assuming being too kind, sometimes being seen as a pushover, can put you in the friend zone.

Cleanliness, kindnessTakashi felt like he was being stabbed in the chest as these are two things hes long been insecure about. In previous romance, girlfriend broke up with him, saying he was too kind, and remembers not knowing what that meant at the time.

Takashi develops more interests and hobbies – not just about his love life, but has grown more in his past.

Takashi still has too much work to do in that regard, though, in regards to cleanliness

Takashi vowed to have at least a clean workspace by then, whether he finds Christmas Eve date or not. And you can bet hell be throwing away his worn-out sneakers as they are well above the level of being fixed with an eraser.

Well, If you want to find a date in Japan or anywhere, you may want to check out the advice of a mama and the hosts in Kabukicho. And if you do get a gate, be careful not to get caught by a con artist like we did in Kabukicho!

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