Japan’s Macho Chess pieces sell in capsules

Queen, pawn, rook Theyre all here and totally yoked

Queen, pawn, rook Theyre all here and totally yoked

Brain is really the most important piece in your body, but everyone knows that’s a lie because the brain isnt even a muscle. No, muscle is definitely the most important of your body. It just stands to say.

But as far as you can tell, capsule toy maker IP4 released a set of pieces for worlds most cerebral game and given it the rippling pecs and delts this game of warfare deserves.

Chess, in game of chess, two armies fight eight by eight grid Or if you were going to war, would you rather have a bunch of abstract shape on your side, or a squad of ripped dudes?

These are not just any bodybuilders. The model for these pieces is NPR’s Toshi, head of pecs at Muscle Plus, world’s largest stock photo site for virtually unused images of muscular men in many situations from the everyday to the supernatural.

Each piece is represented by a different bodybuilding image, and one of those is the king doing a rat spread and pawn doing a side triceratops – which Im probably in fact an issue with the press release.

Side triceratops pose

Though it might seem like a frivolous change to the game of chess, it also seems to increase the difficulty quite a bit. First of all, by having to identify each piece from the bodybuilding pose, you need to focus more on the board while playing.

Unfortunately, to get a whole chess set of these pieces, youll need to make a lot of 400-yen (US$3) turns of the capsule machine and have some good luck on your side to get the right ones.

Muscle Plus hosts special New Years event for chance to win 12 Macho Chess pieces, one in both black and white. Muscle Plus Twitter account: Follow the designated contest tweet in the evening

Macho Chess Present Campaign: 1-7 Jan

Unfortunately, that still wont be enough pieces to play a proper chess game but it should work to play whatever variation this guys are doing in the photo below.

Quite certainly, this video is part of the special commemorative Muscle Plus photo shoot for Macho Chess. Other pictures include:

Macho caught on the head of a key square

Macho, qui puts king under sclerical control with decisive action

Macho to summon a rook from his pecs – Macho

Muscle Plus-Factory Auxiliary Theme Along With All Other Musclebound Images They All Free To Use, As a Use For Theme

Macho Chess does not go through any tax breaks, is not free, will require not only money but a little more effort and sheer dedication to building up bit by bit Its not just how that’s going to impact my mind.

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