Japan’s new unlimited cat subscription service blasts online

380 yen per month get your pick of cat, but what cost?

What is the real cost for your choice of cat? 380 yen per month?

Neko Hodai launched on 15 December, officially known as cat subscription service – some observers. Other than this, at the same time and in one or another participating shelter, you can get a cat of choice for 380 yen (US$2.86) – but if you can buy a cat from a participating shelter or make a donation you can make a donation to another.

Cat fans felt overwhelmed by the idea of temporarily owning and then returning a cat to the vet, considering a system similar to animal abuse.

That’s disgusting. Thats insane. Cats can die from moving stress. Really dark!. Poor things treated like a bluff. Ooh yes, legal? Cats should have a home, not pass around with all the stress that comes with it. You shouldnt subscribe to a service for a living thing.

Ongoing anger was also caused at the way it is advertised. Neko Hodai is often used in synonyms like tabehodai (all-you-can-eat) or nomihodai (all-you-can-drink).These unlimited food and drink offers a sense of at-will consumption with reckless abandon that is pretty much the antithesis of caring pet ownership.

Neko Hodai founded by Tokyo-based Nora Neko Bank explains their website that the service primarily targeted elderly people capable of providing good homes and in need of companionship, but also concerned with what might happen if they pass away before their cat. Neko Hodai acts as sort of intermediary between owners and shelters in this way, should cat suddenly lose his spot on another owner.

Other online forums say cat abuse, neglect is long before Neko Hodai exists, it’s possible that the service could help curb these issues overall, enabling unsuitable owners to easily offload their cats.

Some people who unwell with their pet end up buying them. Weigher is more concerned of returning them to a shelter. Hands on their back with some can stop some people offusing their pets. To deal with all the sheltered cats, there arent enough people to care. This could cut the burden off shelters. Most of these cats will never be home, the reality is. And it seems like price is so low, that they are not trying to make money from it.

Neko Hodai offers no other charges for accepting, returning cats but all spayed, neutered on Nora Neko Banks’ expense. Its hard to say for sure without a closer look at their business, but it appears that Neko Hodai is operating more as a public service than a rein profit driven company.

Its certainly not an ideal solution to ever-changing problem, but if handled with the best care the core concept seems like it could be useful in improving the volume of animal abuse out there.

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