Kaleidoscope’s Who Killed Leo? Explained

Netflix's Kaleidoscope Series explores a heist crew where everyone has a personal agenda and that its going to end well for a lot of the different characters. Leo Pap already wished he didnt have enough space on hand to take pictures Who Killed Leo in Kaleidoscope? Explained Read More

Netflixs Kaleidoscope series looks at a heist crew where everyone has a personal agenda, suggesting that this storyline didnt end well for lots of the different characters. Leo Pap already knew he didnt have long to live because of his terminal illness. But at the end of the day, he was still struggling to cope with it without being able to get on it in one piece, despite his death. And who killed Leo in Kaleidoscope?

Leo was killed by FBI Agent Samuel Toby because he was in love with fellow agent Nazan Abassi, who was killed by her obsession with her former name Ray Vernon. Samuel killed Nazans to blame on Leos acts for Nazans killing.

Kaleidoscope’s storyline is one big revenge story thats hidden behind a heist thats also hidden behind a natural disaster in a sense. The crew and other characters appear in it for something personal and that is where the element of revenge comes in for the man responsible for killing Leo in Kaleidoscope.

Do Leo Die In Kaleidoscope?

Netflix has a full collection of intriguing heist stories for veteran thief Leo Pap, of misfits as they battle to get the heist of the century off the beaten path. Kaleidoscope:. Now, from the start of Kaleidoscope history, not that Leo was on it for the money.

But instead, theres something more personal for Leo in this storyline, like a revenge raid against his partner, Graham Davies. Leo still Ray Vernon, master thief working alongside Graham back in the day. Graham betrayed him to halt marriage, blamed for death of wife.

It was also clear that this revenge storyline for Leo wasnt going to end well in that regard because he was out for blood. But the big part which convinced him to engage this horror heist was the fact that he had been diagnosed with a terminal condition in Parkinsons disease. Now did Leo die in Kaleidoscope?

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Surprisingly, Leo survived Kaleidoscope and even through the heist itself despite his age, illness. He was able to get through heist in one piece and survive heist shooting that occurred the day after. So in Pink six months after the heist, we learn about Leo.

Bob, who revealed to have survived heist, went on personal revenge quest to get back at crew that left him for dead and to get back his wife. Mike was able to track Leo and Ava to Ohio home. Leo survived while Ava died in attempt to escape from Bobs henchmen.

Leo seen walking in park while having a call with daughter Hannah in last sense of Pink. Man with a colorful shirt with cute characters sat beside Leo as he was walking. This mysterious man shot and killed Leo from the back.

Leo eventually dies due to terminal disease; eventually he was killed by a fellow man who tracked him down, took care of him. Leo dies in a way that would resemble danger for his living while battling cancer.

Who Killed Leo In Kaleidoscope?

We do not know that Leo Pap died in Kaleidoscope, but one big part of his mystery killer is that he was a seemingly unknown man that was never identified. We only saw him from the back, as the only clue we had was his shirt. Who killed Leon in Kaleidoscope also?

Probably first person on the table is Stan, who we know was Leos close friend through cellmates he was. Unlike the heist, heist also took care of Stans life at the FBI raid 6 months after. Leo could not leave his deli, lost his wife and mother to lose everything.

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And while Stan has all the reasons in the world to try to betray Leo and kill him out of revenge, we know that there was actually no reason for the scene to show him wearing a rather colorful shirt with cute characters. Suffice to see where mystery killer is wearing that shirt – after all.

This leads us back to FBI agent obsessed with retaking Ray Vernon, whom we know was Leos name – this is the story. Nazans obsession with taking Ray down caused her death when she fell into the bad side of the Triplets.

This leads us to FBI agent Samuel Toby, who worked riggedly with Nazan and was in love with her. Leo has to make the killing so much easier for him because he lost a girl he loved to him as Nazan was obsessed with taking him down. And we also know the little stuffed animals Nazan kept on her desk and shared with her son were the cute characters that she kept on the shirt of the mystery killer.

As such, no doubt that the man responsible for Leos death was Samuel Toby, who was able to track him down and kill him out of revenge by the thiefs indirect connection to Nazan Abassis downfall and death.