Listies & QPAC Plan Your Day Up With The Floor In Q&A

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) launches 2023 line up with new announcements Producer, venue confirm they have been partnering with comedic duo The Listies to bring R.O.F.L (Rolling on the Floor Laughing) to Cremorne Theatre from Tuesday 28 March 2023 []

QPAC starts roll-out of 2023 line-up with announcing new changes Producer, venue confirm they are working up with comedic duo The Listies for their show R.O.F.L (Rolling on the Floor Laughing) to stage at Cremorne Theatre from Tuesday 28 March 2023 to Tuesday 5 April 2023 inclusive

R.O.F.L launches into uneasy family bedtime as bonkers sketch comedy extravaganza But exhausted parent proxy Rich can finally sleep late while hapless, hopeless fiance Matt deploys every chance to pause

Queensland’s R.O.F.L is being presented by Performing Arts Centre, Produced by Critical Stages Touring QPAC website, Box Office to reserve Brisbane tickets on 136 246, flat rate $39.00 But for groups of 2x adults and 2x children, some lower price, which is $34.00 pp. Matthew Kelly, Richard Higgins The Listies will also hold relaxed style meet & greets post-show for about 30 minutes each

The Listies moved to full-time childrens comedy in 2011 when formed as an absurdist adult comedy trio ABC TVsThe Listies Work for Peanuts Have Written, Produced 9 Live Live Shows, Three Albums, In One Artist’s Book

The ListiestoQPAC – perfect for families of all ages

Critical Stages Touring CEO Chris Bendall