LIVE Mt Fuji and Raijin lingerie sets, Fujin sets let you wear your love for Japan under your clothes

Keep cries of wind, thunder gods close to your chest

Keep the gods of wind, thunder close to your chest.

Japanese lingerie retailer Peach John brings world of art to lingerie for the last couple of years with Masters Bra series. Two new Japanese paintings of art come to the fold with the likes of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and Czech painter Alfons Maria Mucha as the series continues its journey.

First is Red Fuji Blue, a popular work in the world’s famous Thirty-Six Views of Mt Fujiby ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849).

Thedesign faithfully reproduces the iconic red Mt Fuji that appears in Hokusais masterpiece with the clouds that appear in the blue sky alongside it. The clouds also flit across the pants, embellished with a frill to add ethereal softness to the look.

Second style: Fujin Raijin Gold, modelled on famous Fujin Raijin-zu Folding Screens painted by Sotatsu Tawaraya (1570-1643) in early 17th century. The screens, now listed as National treasures, show Wind GodFujinand Thunder God Raijin on glistening gold background, and the bra does a fantastic job of replicating the artwork, with the dynamic movements of each god shown on the cups.

Thunder God Raijin has the cup at the right.

And the gods appear on matching pants.

The bras cost 4,000 yen (US$34.12), pants run at 1,910 yen. They can also be purchased at Peach John stockists, and online, and if youd like to add more artwork to your underwear, check out Hokusais Great Wave lingerie set and its currently on sale.

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