Miyuki, Good Smile Company Look at School Swimsuit at Beach Figure

With 10th ExpansionsHigurashi no Naku niseries debut, the interest has been boosted across 2020 and 2021, with the surprise release of two-season sequel to the original TV anime. This surprise surprised me considering that almost all mysteries posed by the murderous supernatural story were resolved. It seems to be a good watch that fans should review - though []

07th ExpansionsHigurashi no Naku niseries renewed across 2020 and 2021, with surprise release of two-season sequel to original TV anime. Over the top, the story was going to lay down nearly all the mysteries in this murderous supernatural scene. However, while a decent watch that fans should check out (Currently streaming on CrunchyRoll), for me, I believe it failed to justify its existence. On the other hand, its potential to bridge a gap to an official TV anime adaptation ofUmineko no Naku Koro ninever eventuated. An important positive however, was the inclusion of Akio Watanabe as a character designer with previous accolades includingPopotan,the Monogatariseries and The World God Only Knowsand a lot, many more. Miyuki makes one of its latest projects featuring series protagonist Rika Furude into the figure, which is currently in production by Good Smile Company

This Rika Furude, from school swimsuit at beach, is at 1/7 scale, although on kneeling, this means she only comes in at 144mm (14.4cm) tall, a fair bit shorter than most figures of the same scale. Perhaps it would have been a 1/6 scale figure for the price point, particularly at just over 20,000 yen. For more details on the base, try out a few of the beachside / poolside stuff that fit with different levels. We have the beach ball with Hanyuu motif, we have the tiger inner tube made of semi-transparent PVC w/ optional attachable tail, theres an optional skirt in the sand, which can be used to attach Rikas limbs to the base. As well as the large wide-brimmed hat, the hat is also a plus. Sometimes it may be not just the most friendly prop for photographing a figure but it sounds very Rika to have her cover her head with one.

The build quality of this figure is decent with no painting or manufacturing defects; it arrived suitably packaged with a dismal link to the main Rika Furude figure and all other beach-side / pool-side accessories. All the pieces together, with the entire figure on its own, were arranged to get bigger, but that was just half of an A5 piece of paper. There’s a good balance between cuteness and fanservice, as far as the small potential sexual innuendo of the melting ice block – that might have made some laugh With many people looking for swimsuit ver. of figures you often think skimpy, the milder side of the spectrum.

Is this a good figure overall? Yes. I think so. He has a cute personality, which makes it nice on the eyes, and really gives some of the appeal that most key shots of the entireHigurashi no Naku Koro niseries have sought to provide. Like what I think about it, but that is the most important thing that fans of the series even those who didnt enjoy the most recent seasons could find worthwhile collecting.

Check out some Rika Furude photographs from school swimsuit at the Beach figure below.

This figure is still reasonably available via select retailers, also known as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu Furude Rika 1/7 Complete Figure. Amiami holds her for 18,100 JPY.