Otsu City dump dump dump’s 5 million yen in cash

One person trash is anothers five million yen

One person trash is another five mln yen

The old arcade game Final Fight has taught me two things: punch enough people, excellent things can be found by smashing unassuming boxes, trash cans, and furniture. And while I admit they did not get me very far in life, they do not work for some.

Take a worker at the Otsu City Northern Clean Center for example Uncovering large amount of cash among pile of crushed bulky garbage such as furniture and appliances, employee used heavy machine to sort garbage on 17 December

This led to a better scan of the trash and even more cash, worth 5 million yen (US$38,000) in bills. Da these heavy items consisting of chests, dressers, and suitcases were mostly discarded, it was hoped someone had left the money in such an item and either forgot or didnt get up close to the person responsible for throwing it away.

News report reveals where the cash was found Is this still the cleanest thing I’ve ever been seeing?

Deposing facility reported money to police who are in sarcastic flint Japan’s bulky garbage requires fee for pick-up, original owners must book pick-up time and pay back the amount they need. Latent records should help police track where cash went from

Still, if owner cant be found within 3 months, rule of finders-keepers goes into effect Then again, the situation becomes surprisingly murky – many online readers speculated on who could and should get the money if it doesn’t seem to be claimed

Otsu City employee was an employee at a contractor; since this was found, the money belongs to the city. Finder can demand credit up to 20% even if owner finds Since the worker was the one who found it. It should be their right. This could be from someone dying or from a hospital Contractors get so often to clean out the home, so it could be the ones who threw it away. I think thats probably the wrong one. How much money do you want to wager that there were really more than 5 mln? Im always amazed at how frequently such massive amounts of cash pop up in strange places

The money likely is probably the property of Ostu City Northern Clean Center in the event the police probe crosses the tunnel. Although the money may have been lost forever, since it wasnt for the keen eye of the worker, they ought to be cut, basically.In cases where a government worker costs their workplace money through negligence, theyre forced to pay some or maybe all of the lost amount. The door could swing both ways to curb windfalls, although for fairness, it seems.

If not, then that worker is always welcome to join me as I hit streets of rage and punch up a bunch of oil drums on search of a nice dinner roast

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