Recap and Review BlackRock Shooter Dawn Fall Episode 11

Episode 11 of Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall Viewed On Hulu and Disney

Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall – Episode 11 Released on Hulu, Disney Plus.

Artemsis explains her grand plan and sets up stage for final showdown.

Spoilers to follow!

Episode begins with a starting point for Earth. Impacts have taken place, iron ocean moves towards elevator. We learn about Artemis’ plans to bring robot soldiers to earth may be too late to say if he is wrong.

Iron ocean not repository for arche, but cradle for machine lifeforms. Iron oceans purpose is to convert matter into building material for the machine army, given arche is made of self-evolving, self-replicating nanobots.

The group decides that the elevator was built to bring human matter to the moon. They learn that the attack will begin within six hours as they talk.

Charlotte still holds Hemiteos powers, Colonal surprised. She and Colonel have another nice moment. Empress thanks Colonel for helping her and he her. Monika returns to say she is back, no sailor. Strength, Dead Master and Empress have a heart to heart for well-being and resilience.

Strived goodbyes said, time for battling!

Army attempts to push robot forces through through forces to get Empress close enough to use her coil gun on elevator, kill it.

Lunatic leads the team from another side, bringing chaos. She gloates, tells Colonel and Empress iron ocean being sent to the moon to power nuclear fusion reactor that is to send chunks of moon to earth after wounding. Lunatic/Artemis further says it was time for terra-forming A.I. who set out to gather information about Earth to do a job properly. In so doing, she realized she needed information on extinction, evolution of people. Be aware that there was a problem with a collection of those data, she said. Trying to build the database was to destroy the human condition, see how they evolved. She plans multiple times over millions of years.

Episode ends with Artemis explaining that data collection is her biggest job and inspiration for all her actions.

Overall, this episode feels like the beginning of the finale. The stakes set, reasons clear, goals set. Now to see if Empress can take down moons harsh mistress and save humanity!

(The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, the title of the episode, is taken from Robert A. Heinleins 1966 sci-fi novel about an lunar colony revolt against absentee rule from Earth

Final Episode Jan 4, 2023, starring Disney+, Hulu.