Starbucks Japan packs cute new zodiac shoes for Year of the Rabbit

This new collection features some of The Tea Party's We Are Starbucks Coffee Rabbits Living Somewhere in Coffee Tree Forests.

The Tea Party for this new collection is: We Are Starbucks Coffee Rabbits Living Somewhere

Starbucks kicks off Japan celebrations as we count down the days until New Year with a new product for the rabbit for the 2023 zodiac year

The new collection is based around We Are Starbucks Coffee Rabbits Living Somewhere in Coffee Tree Forests, and the world theyre inviting us into is as adorably sweet as it sounds.

Some of the better products that arrive, including limited-edition bottles and tumblers, come with mugs and gifts.

Rabbit Pattern Bottle (2,150 yen [US$16,27])

RabbitStainless Logo Bottle (4,400 yen)

RabbitStainless Cylinder Tumbler Embossed(4,250 yen)

There are plenty of options to choose from for the mugs – and we are pleased to introduce you.

Latte Rabbit Mug

New Year Rabbit Mug(available in a small size for 1,600 yen or a regular size for 2,300 yen)

Rabbit Pattern Heat Resistant Glass Mug (2,300 yen)

Mocha RabbitHeat Resistant Glass Mug (2,600 yen)

Three of the mugs are cleverly designed to look like daruma, rotund paper-mache dolls commonly purchased from Japanese temples at New Year to wish for prosperity in the year ahead

Daruma Rabbit Whip Mug(2,050 yen)

Daruma Mocha Rabbit Mug(2,050 yen)

Daruma Latte Rabbit Mug(2,050 yen)

We must have a durable Whip Rabbit Lid Mug (3,100 yen), with an adjustable lid to go.

The rabbit does look really like a mound of whipped cream!

One more lid-topped item we cant wait to see is the New Year Rabbit Canister 3,000 yen, which features some pretty bunnies.

Check out the 700 yen gift cards below

Baby Bag 1,050 Yen) aStarbucks Mini Cup Gift Rabbit

Drink Hole Cap Bearista Rabbit For Reusable Cups (750 yen) Coming up as new take on the bear plug we bought in 2021

OurBearista Rabbit (3.500 yen), which can be ordered by mail only to some warm and snuggly items, is now available on offer.

(2,000 yen) – Mini Bearista Rabbit with clip to hang from bag

Finally, we have theMocha Rabbit Pouch (2,400 yen), which looks adorable both closed and open thanks to the bunny-shaped ears in the design.

Starbucks also announced the Been There Series debut of the new winter items coming to stores.

These two items offer some iconic Japanese winter scenery likecamelias, kamakura snow huts and Mt Fuji covered in snow. Available in mug for 1,980 yen, stainless bottle for 4,840 yen, these are available as mugs for 1,980 yen, and are available on the market on Amazon.

Other images include a sumo wrestler, several cranes, a hotpot and a snow-topped daruma

Also, if there’s something you like, check your calendars for the 26 December, where they go on sale at retails around Japan and online. And you can also enjoy the Starbucks new Matcha Genmai drinks that go on sale on the same day once youre done shopping!

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