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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIhas the chance to be one of those games lost to time, developed as 10th anniversary game forFinal Fantasy VII. This was given its exclusivity to the PlayStation Portable, making access to it much harder for average gamer Fortunately, following successful release ofFinal [] it seems that after the success of release, it’s safe to say that.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Developed as 10th Anniversary Games and Released in 2007, had a chance of being one of those games lost to time. This was given its exclusiveity to the PlayStation Portable, making it for average player to get to it much harder. Square Enix sets up a relaunch of all the old gaming platforms following the successful FFX Remake and its sequelFinal Fantasy VII Rebirthset that will hit store shelves next year As a Remaster, I’d argue the game sits somewhere between Remaster, and didn’t be the large overhaul thatFinal Fantasy VII Remakereceived and had many more than a simple graphical overhaul.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIideally adapted for portable gaming, better than most on the platform No need to worry about hunting for a save point, its enticing narrative and gameplay broken down into a wide range of smaller missions Talk talks of a multi-hour play session that can spawn a buzz with people who have only had time to go to a short time but couldnt hinder their time to really break off. Ten main chapters coming in at an hour or two each, diverse assortment of missions and many more atop that Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII – Reunionmay not have the longest of a typicalFinal Fantasygame but its core experience translates well to the home gaming format.

Impact Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunionis set seven years before the events Instead of losing to players back in the shoes of Cloud, while he is also a narrative-relevant member to the arc, players instead take control of Zack Fair Shinra Electric Company greenhorn second-class SOLDIER Zack wants to become a first-class similar to his mentor Angeal and the likes of Sephiroth, who at the time was considered the best-of-the-best. The narrative aims to draw together the aforementioned characters, new faces and some younger versions of returning characters. It could be said pacing has some very good side at times, getting from splintering fast to snails pace, and back again. But for what was originally a portable game, it is a coherent, uplifting story that will likely have more value in future releases, with the presence of Zack Fair inFinal Fantasy Remake a consideration.

Some changes have taken place on Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-both in terms of approach, but not to the extent it cuts away from the original. No more restricted to the limited control scheme of the PlayStation Portable, the action combat system has been refined to feel more fluid, leaving you more in the moment. Also, a lot of you gain access to materia (Magic and Ability types), can use items or just thwack your way through more foes while not talking about the strategy. Combat pleasant, mission-based approach to levels strong in satisfying combat without too much grind as a mainline game

The major gimmick of the game, however, is its DMW (Digital Mind Wave) system. Players can unlock a range of wild blazing battle features through a slot machine that continuously runs in the top-left-hand corner of the screen. Players can now use obtained limit breaks, status buffs, summons and level up through this system. This system exists, Zack recalls and letting him use his memories to form these perks, and it provides a bit of strength to each battle. But it helps players to look through patterns in each win, too. The ability to play more games in the battles helps to lessen your strategy as you can get to a better hand than others.

Though a few remnants of the original release may still come to mind,Crisis Core-Final Fantasy VII-Reunionis overhauled in audiovisual department to make it feel, perhaps not on the same level with modern releases but definitely like they belong on modern hardware and as part of theFinal Fantasy VII Remakeuniverse. This Remakealso was constructed using Unreal Engine 4, the performance boosts, and also a complete graphical overhaul. A lot less res character models, highly detailed environments, and more to consider, both of which make sure even a side-game didnt get much attention in this area – and it is nice to see that some of the aspects of the series don’t get half-assed development in this area. Also, first English voice acting replaced by new voice acting to maintain float in line with new english voice actors of the series While not necessarily needed, it was a welcome addition, and helps cement this in the ongoing chronology

S’agpointingly one of the strongest, stand-out PS4 titles ever–even if it took a decade and a half to bringCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIto consoles, it was worth the wait Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII Reunionserves as a satisfying release – both in terms of its approachable and action-oriented gameplay, and the narrative which helps set the scene for what has happened inRemake, and about to happen inRebirth.Furthermore, it serves as a perfect example of what a remaster should look like, keeping the elements that made the game worthy of being remastered, but either keeping or adding the charm for the newer generation of platforms.


This review was conducted on an Xbox Series X copy of the game Australian publisher gave review code for review

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion Now Available On PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC