Studio Ghibli produces bonsai fountains for your home

Voice-activated water gardens feature characters from My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away

Voice-activated water gardens feature characters fromMy Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away

The style and attention to detail that makes a Ghibli movie so memorable spills into its official merchandise range also.

We had a Catbus clock with moving tail and humidifiers, but the latest product announcement has really blown us away, and now well be able to buy some of our favourite movie characters.

Four options available, starting with theMy Neighbour Totoro Water Garden Bonsai Kasajuku

Let’s start to consider the name its been given, kasajuku, as an adorable title that needs a little help to understand.

The word shuku (read as juku when used as a suffix) literally means post town, and usually includes places when people once stopped for a rest on an old route such as the Koshu Kaido, which connects Kai Province (modern-day Yamanashi prefecture) with Edo (1603-1867) It also seems more like Shinjuku in Tokyo which means new post town as a result. Some of the original names still have some of the best name in Tokyo.

Studio Ghibli hits out at kasa before juku for this beautiful new product, giving it a bit of meaning that means Umbrella Post Town or Umbrella Rest Town, with all of its romantic old connotations.

And because its a bonsai, its presented on a stand, just like a real miniature tree.

Ghibli fans recognize the scene where Totoro appears in the bonsai as Mei and her older sister wait for their father to arrive on the bus. Its splashing with rain at bus stop; Satsuki hands umbrella to Totoro, who delights in raining effect when it hits umbrella

Water fountain perfectly reproduces the rainy scene

What makes this water fountain even more magical is its voice-activated, therefore once you talk to it, the rain-shower starts, lasting for five minutes.

Heres a couple of noticeable changes in the movie scene, no one at the bus stop Unfortunately, unlike the promotional poster for the movie featuring mysterious girl thats neither Satsuki nor Mei, this girl here is clearly Mei.

Theres also a frog nearby, and a smaller Totoro holding a leaf, which flows gently under the drops of water.

All the water fountains are battery powered, without any USB ports, and come with two settings, one for voice-activated five-minute operation and the other for continue water operation.

Deux next water fountains also highlight 1997 Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke Water Garden Bonsai Mysterious Forestdepicts a forest scene from the movie, where the Shishigami (Deer God) is seen standing on a body of water

Trunk of kodama spirits joins god of forest, trio stuck below tree, others breath soft water in hollowed-out trunk

Princess Mononoke Water Garden Bonsai Moonlit Forest is similar to one above; only this time Shishigami is looking towards the sky

This model is only available online, unlike other models.

The giant form it turns into at night turns into its antlers in semi-translucent spikes.

Water also hurls down to the feet of the forest god in this watery scene

This fountain also has a group of kodama but these ones glow in the dark, the feature thats only available in this limited edition model.

Finally, finally, is theSpirited Away Water Garden Bonsai Souzu no Niwa

Suzu is bamboo water feature often seen in traditional Japanese niwa garden, and thats whats shown in the beautifully manicured water garden. Bamboo cylinder posts down once water reaches its original position to repeat process

The water provider in this scene is No Face – whos shown with clasped hands, a position it takes to give people things in the movie.

Eh, eh, eh

Yubabas sister Zeniba turned it into a curse on isYubabas bird, Yubabas baby Boh in fly, mouse forms

These water gardens will add a Zen-like feel to your home even without the water running

Swipe through to last image to see footage of the water fountains in action

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All water gardens on sale at Donguri Kyowakoku stores and online from 26 December, except Princess Mononoke Water Garden Bonsai Moonlit Forest, which can only be purchased online

Online sales start at 10:00 a.m Japan time on 26 December and despite relatively high price tag of 17,600 yen (US$132.74) each, theyre likely to sell out fast so be sure to act quick if youd like to get one!

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