Studio Ghibli releases Totoro daruma, welcomes Catbus for New Year

Ghibli fan will be looking to get the sales on the sold out collection.

Every Ghibli fan want to buy his hands on the sold-out collection.

Japan’s people to decorate homes with festive items with New Year quick approaching -advanced for this year. Ghibli Museum releases three special features featuring Totoro and Catbus from 1988 anime movie My Neighbour Totoro for fans.

Prima item in new Tonari no Totoro Medetai Okazari (My Neighbour Totoro Auspicious Decorations) range is Daruma Totoro.

This adorable figurine shows Totoro with one hand on a daruma, a traditional doll that depicts Bodhidharma, founder of Zen Buddhism. Daruma usually sold at Japan temples during New Year, and always come with only one eye for owner to make wish, and paint one eye to make the doll once that wish has ended.

On the other hand, Totorol’s brush, ready to paint in the other eye, is a perfect example.

Two darumas for the price of one with this special decoration because and not only are the one-eyed face seen on the daruma but also the kanji for luck, which often appears underneath them.

So you could add two separate wishes on Totoros belly as long as you can bear to paint for the first time if your wishes come true!

Next item of the collection also features Totoro; only this time it looks like Ebisu, one of the Seven Lucky Gods.

Seven Lucky Gods linked with luck and prosperity in Japan, especially around New Years, when people can take part in Shichifukujin-Meguri pilgrimage. This pilgrimage includes visiting temples or shrines dedicated to each of the seven gods within a local area and collecting stamps at each stop as a wish for a happy, prosperous year.

Ebisu is god of fishing, commonly portrayed with fishing rod, red sea bream (tai in Japanese, which sounds like medetai, giving it its strong remark).

Totoro pictured with rod with rod, appears to have caught two red colourways in Japan – a lucky hue.

Desbogates well positioned to look like a crayfish just behind

The front has a bigger leaf, styled to look like a sea bream, complete with a black eye.

Final item in range features Catbus, Neko Basu as Japan’s character. Catbus designed to look like a maneki neko (beckoning cat) and named the Maneki Neko Basu for this special outing.

Maneki neko are a cool decoration to have at home or in a home setting, as the raised paw could hold fortune. Collected right paw in hope to draw money, raise left paw said to draw customers, people.

Maneki Neko Basu has left paw raised, attracts people and good relationships, and also has a couple of other cute details, including a gold leaf, gold being another lovely colour, and a destination sign above its head that reads (fuku), the kanji for good luck.

All three items priced at 5,280 yen (US$40.05) each; sad news though is the entire collection has sold out as soon as it went on sale at Ghibli Museum and online on 17 December. Online store has now the option of interested customers logging into their email address and checking out a new stock, so fingers crossed more will be available soon.

And still here we will know what to expect.

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