The Scariest Movies Like M3GAN Every Horror Fan Needs to Watch

Movie fans and horror fans will miss a new Halloween killer doll show as of Jan 2023 - we see that! M3GAN set to launch January 6, 2023 (in most countries) 10 Scariest Movies Like M3GAN Every Horror Fan Needs To Watch Read More

The year 2023 will also be an icy year for movie fans – and all horror fans – in early January! M3GAN comes out January 6, 2023 (most countries) and promises fab graphics, awesome animatronics and plenty of fun!

Killer doll genre has been around since forever and many successful entries have popped up just right into that trope over the years. So, without any further ado, here are the ten best, scariest movies like M3GAN that every horror fan needs to watch. Video movies ranked on their IMDb rating.

Annabelle (2013)

IMDb rating: 5.4/10

Whats it about: Michael gives her a beautiful, rare, vintage doll in a wedding dress. Mia is thrilled with the situation, though soon Mia will end despair, but a satanic cult bluffs in their home and bury blood, horror, dead demon, which is found in the doll.

Theres nothing they can do to curb the horror in Annabelle doll – dark, malevolent presence.

Why you should watch it: The Annabelle doll actually appeared in James Wans The Conjuring movie and then spun off into its own franchise. This particular film didnt quite hit with audiences, but there were some downright terrifying moments in the film.

Annabelle of the best cursed dolls in film history, the next close to Chucky, holds many resemblance to this day. BY ABOUT ABOUT James Wan’s M3GAN and Annabelle, this one is definitely worth a watch.

The Boy (2016)

IMDb rating: 6.0/10

Was it about: Lauren Cohan nanny Greta Evans gets job in isolated English village, at her family’s home. Things get weird, Greta realises that her babysitter is a doll named Brahms, size exactly like a 8-year-old boy.

The family have the doll to cope with the tragic loss of their real son, ages 20, years ago. The strict rules on care of their doll son swoon the nanny but when she breaks the rules, Greta soon finds herself and knows they are here in a different country. The doll might be alive?

Why you should watch it: I think IMDb rating doesnt do the movie justice. I mean, assuring, there are tons of cliches involved, but there are cliches in every single horror movie ever, so this one doesnt go overboard. Other than that, you may also find that you will feel much more relaxed and even creepier than you thought.

Dead Silence (2007)

IMDb rating: 6.1/10

What its about: Legends surrounding Ravens Fair a mad ventriloquist, Mary Shaw, who went insane in 1940 and was whipped into a robbery at one of her performances. Cityfolks killed her and buried with her dolls. The dolls came back with her back for revenge.

The old Lisa gets his hand in a car and takes her husband back to Ravens Fair, a city they tell her she wants to get her own way into her murder. Mystery of mystery takes him back to Mary Shaw, evil lurking in shadows

Why watch it: This was one of James Wans’ first projects after becoming a hit in horror industry with Saw. But there’s nothing to see and do on the film as it feels groggy at the edges, the overall story just makes sense, the directing is perfect, as it always does with James.

Dead Silence will come out almost two decades after James Wan fans – and this movie will be so interesting to see these differences and similarities between this movie and M3GAN coming out.

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Malignant (2021)

IMDb IMDb rating: 6.2/10

What its about: A woman wakes up in hospital 27 years after horrific attack at Simion Research Hospital. Either way, her lives will be harder to be successful as grotesque shootings force her into suffering. Is everything a hero’s figment, or is there something far, far worse going on?

Why you should watch it: For again, we turn to James Wan, who worked on the story and produced M3GAN. Malignant’s big return to horror after clinging into different fields with Fast, Furious and Aquaman. And if there wasnt even enough for this as a horror flick, it was surely one of the best.

No killer doll here, but something much worse. What if the evil wasnt lurking from within your home, but more from within yourself?

Dolls (1986)

IMDb rating: 6.3/10

What its about: a group of five adults, a kid are stranded in amidst a terrible storm. Their home hides (or were) dollmakers, seem sweet elderly couple. Are they actually dolls anyway?

The child learns that the dolls are alive, had been a slave before evil was converted into killer dolls by the elderly couple.

Why you should watch it: Some consider to be a cult classic in the killer doll genre, so what you should know?. Oh well, the budget was clearly quite low, the acting was under average, but the cool stop-motion animation really brought the dolls to life. Give it a shot, if you prefer!

Annabelle: Creation (2017)

IMDb score: 6.5/10

What is going on: A doll maker and his wife tragically lost their daughter Annabelle as she is struck by a car. What appears to be their daughter daughter asks if she can eat one of her dolls that his father created soon. The couple agree but soon sees that it wasn’t their daughter – he says. In fact, it wasn’t even a spirit at all

I am saying: “It’s time to go straight to the house and take on the girls,” they say; and soon, the Annabelle doll starts targeting the girls – especially the weakest Janice.

Why you should watch this: This was the second Annabelle movie that came out, but it was essentially a prequel to the first film, describing the origins of the Annabelle doll and its malevolent sex that surrounds it. It was over and beyond a better film than the first more terrifying, and with a better story.

The Conjurings Ed and Lorraine Warren jokingly disliked Annabelle Comes Home for the third time, but honestly liked it.

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Happy Death Day (2017)

IMDb rating: 6.6/10

When its about: Teen High School girl Tree Gelbman wants to celebrate her birthday but unfortunately gets killed. So, wakes up, gets killed again on the same day.

Time-relaxed mother relives day and gets killed over and over again until she finds out who her killer is. What she know is that the woman who killed her wearing a hideous, terrifying giant baby costume.

Also, the killer isnt a doll, per se, but rather a person in a giant baby doll costume, but still, the killer will certainly give you the same creepy vibes. Happy Death Day was a surprise, mainly as the horror-comedy mix works quite well, so Im sure it will be more uplifting.

Childs Play (1988)

IMDb rating: 6.6/10

It’s about psychopathic serial killer Charles Lee Ray chased and killed by cop, Mike Norris. Charles puts dark magic to the ground bury his soul into a Good Guy Chucky doll before dying. The doll was then gifted to a young boy named Andy by his mother, Chucky starts to commit murders and sees them like accidents.

Nobody fears Andy when he says the doll is alive, a bit of a loss of clarity when they begin to believe.

Why you should watch it: You didnt think well that you did skip past Chucky on the scary killer doll genre.? Kids Play/Chucky – All I Want To Do, It Obviously Just Relives, Well Probably The Same?.

Those were some nice new pieces, but Cult of Chucky (2017) wasn’t quite as good as the original but it was even better than the 2021-22 TV series, Chucky. Best of luck – if you havent seen it, I recommend it, come to the polls.!

Magic (1978)

IMDb rating: 6.8/10

Was its about: Sir Anthony Hopkins: magicians assistant, Corky ends miserably. Corky gets ventriloquist dummy called Fats to help improve. Corky trains, gets quite well at it, but not just just a little on his talent, a lot on their dummys abilities. Yes, Fats has the feeling of his own.

Fats wants to control his master instead in sombre events as Corky struggles to reconnect with old girlfriend from high school.

Why you should watch it: First, I must say that I was seeing Sir Anthony Hopkins with black hair. We all know him as a grey, older man, but his career started much, much earlier, and Magic still among my favorite Hopkins movies to date.

The plot is pretty straightforward, but there are some plot twists and some downright terrifying scenes. I continue to hate ventriloquist dummies on this one.

The Conjuring (2013)

IMDb score: 7.5/10

What its about: In the early 1970s, the Perron family moves into a new, big home in a rural Rhode Island farmhouse. All seems good, but soon odd, violent things start happening in the house as they hear it was once owned by a thought-to-be-witch, Bathsheba, who hung herself on the property.

Perrons call Ed, Lorraine Warren for help as situation elongates, but malevolent entitable lloyal may already have too much hold on Carolyn, mother of the family

Why not watch The Conjuring: It certainly offers a fantastic setting for paranormal horror enthusiasts. The story was made of James Wan’s written and directed, and made up of a true story.

Annabelle doll appears during the first film so far, but that’s the beginning of the movie. Bathsheba’s body sits in rocking chair, stroking Annabelles hair with brush also alive. The whole movie still gives me nightmares, is also one of the best moments I have ever seen.