Touring a crazy cheap country Japan house into a home Step 15: Trash to TreasureSoraHouse

How much money can we make from three truckfulls of trash?

How many money can we earn from three truckfulls of waste?

Team to complete last U.S.-U.$9,100 of jobs at SoraHouse with cold winter days in Saitama.

Wed managed to haul back 20 ton packs into next years projects at the property with a clean slate.

Yes, we completed 20 of these ton packs, mostly with wood waste from our torn-down shed.

Japanese has a way to turn used wood into treasure, take it to scrapyard, carry all that we could into one truck, and head off to see how much we could make from it as we learned earlier.

We got to Kimura Construction Material Recycling Center in Saitama Prefecture. The recycling facility organizes, crushes, recycled industrial waste into products after clearing foreign debris.

To return wood to cash, first need to fill out application form

– and then drive your truck onto a scale for its full weight to record.

After that, you head over to the wood waste processing plant

Where you dump your load for processing.

Before going back to the scale, take the time to record your vehicle again.

And by subtracting the new truck’s weight from the previous one, you can determine the weight of your load you just dropped off, which is essential as you get paid by the kilo.

This didnt mean we lost last load, however, as we had more wood left to be removed, so we returned to the old building company wed stored our wood Hobien and filled another two loads for recycling.

Packing back of truck on top was very satisfying experience.

It was finally time to know how much wed rolled out from our efforts after two trips to recycling centre.

Head to office with our paperwork in hand

So how much did we really do? Well, the grand total for our wood turned out to be pretty high

39,330 yen!

That works out to be US$296.33, hardly good for day work -which was actually much less than wed expected to receive.

Hobien reporter Go Hatori restruck by payout from payout.

With snowfall due to the SoraHouse this winter, its a relief to have the place cleared and ready for even more work to come in 2023. This is the first time we’ve seen bubble machine parties and keep an eye out for new ones next year! Merry Holidays for everyone!

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