Way of Water Returns to Avatar sequel No Match For anime Basketball Boys In Japan

Avatar: The Way of Water didnt stand a chance against this fan fave

Avatar: The Way of Water No Nod against this fan fave

Japan probably one of few countries in world where anime movies dominate box office. Heres a new example The First Slam Dunk held Top Japan Box Office spot since January’s film theater debut

Heres a few tips for lifting the mood.

The film was based on the bestselling 1990s manga series Slam Dunk Its likely overtaken globally bigger names like Avatar as a classic among anime/manga fans, due to its first feature-length film based on the series. Slam Dunk series also features some lovable characters, one classic underdog story

SuzumeMakoto Shinkais new workand Avatar: The Way of Water jumps in second place for sixth straight week Here’s the full top 10 last week box office ranking if youe curious

First Slam Dunk Suzume Avatar: Way of the Water Dr. Cotos Clinic Last Will… Fragments That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime The Movie: Scarlet Bond Moon Phases Kaguya-sama: Love is War One Piece Film Red (On top 10 list for 20 weeks -Top 10 for 20+ hours)

Five of 10 hottest anime movies – Ivy Did not know how much they will be able to say about anime power in Japan? Netizens also heads into box office rankings

Top place for three weeks running! I cannot believe Avatar debuted at third Slam Dunk sures to be mighty One Piece looms in there

The First Slam Dunk might be enjoying as much as most of Japan if you are based in Japan and want to catch a movie? Let’s see how long it can hold top spot

Source: Eiga Natalie via Otaku.com Top Image: YouTube/Toei Animation